Monday, February 24, 2014


Z, palestinians, meaning who? I suppose, strictly speaking, Israel defeated the Phillistines under King Saul, the first king of Israel. Since modern day palestinians are not phillistines, then it is they who are the invaders, meaning Israelis where there first, until the Roman invasion.

So, give it a rest, Z. What is your identification with the palestinians? Are you of Arab descent? What’s the deal? Before oil was discovered, most of your “people” were nomads. Any US soldier you talk to about their experience in the ME, will tell you how disgusting and backwards your “people” are.

How do you feel about Mexican nationals in the US. Should the US give US territory back to the indigenous people? What about Australia? We can make this argument all day. Israel is a legal state recognized by the world community. Should there be a Palestine? Who cares? But, sure as shit it shouldn’t come from territory inside of Israel. Let another arab country provide a homeland for your peeps.

I recognize Israel has committed atrocities. What country hasn’t in a time of war? Maybe the losing side.

Your loyalty is misplaced, Z, IMO. However, I’m interested in how you identify with the invader palestines. Is it part of your Zoarastic spiritual quest? If so, not sure how to answer that, except, welcome to the losing side. Zarustra is dead, right? So is Mohammed, Gandhi, and so on. Jesus Christ is the only man God raised from the dead and set at his own right hand.

Not to gloat, but there it is. I will believe the one true God, and his son, Jesus Christ. You can have your false religion, which is your right. But you’re on the wrong side of the palestenian debate. Israel will never accept ceding territory within it’s borders, nor should they. Theater nuclear war is not off the table. I hope your riding the lead camel when they take you out.

Thanks for explaining your misplaced ideology. It makes sense now, Z. Doesn’t make it right. There is a standard for truth, and you’ve misplaced your compass, as if you ever had one. Glad you found a religion to adopt. Try believing the truth, you might be surprised.


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Thursday, February 20, 2014

THE DAY OBAMACARE DIED « The Burning Platform

Card, how is that single payer system going to work, pay what you can afford?

Who makes up the difference, the feds? They haven't gotten the memo, they're broke. It must have gotten hung up in interstellar space. Of course, the entire world is going to capitulate and continue to accept Washington's IOU's as payment for goods and services. Why shouldn't they.

Then we can fund universal health care in perpetuity.

I still think the question CONUS should have asked themselves before embarking on a takeover of 16% of the economy, who IS going to pay for it. Even the US consumer is tapped out.

Good grief, Charlie Brown. Banksters getting knocked off, government drills resulting in real disasters, more government surveillance, not less, and in collusion with all major IT and telcos.

This conspiracy is getting hairy, grew legs, and is learning to walk.

On the other hand, economic hardship caused by the as yet unfixed GFC is resulting in civil unrest in far flung places of the globe.

Ponzi schemes tend to unravel quickly. This one has been centuries in the making, centered around monopoly of the world's natural resources.

"For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known." (1 Corinthians 13:12, ESV)

A lie as been perpetrated against humanity, and that is that man is a means unto himself, resulting in the most base sorts of behavior, and without compassion.

Government overthrows in the 20th century resulted in god rejecting totalitarian governments, in Russia, China, and elsewhere. When the masses aren't fed, due to corrupt government policies, they will revolt, and 15 dead in Kiev will pale by comparison.

Maybe Neil Young should write a song.

THE DAY OBAMACARE DIED « The Burning Platform:

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Emerging Markets & Peripheral Currency Collapse « The Burning Platform

Very interesting article. Happy anniversary!

Several weeks have come and gone since the currency crises in the BRICS. Around the same time as the bankster suicides.

Again, several weeks and nothing has come of it. While all eyes are on the spectacle of Sochi, the first shoe hasn't dropped, to wit.

What might be a diversionary tactic of TPTB if such a collapse were imminent, i.e. if the CB's were unsuccessful in expanding liquidity fast enough? Certainly they have a plan in place.

Food production would seem to be the most coveted resource. It takes a long time for people to starve, North Korea is proof enough of that.

Any increase in interest rates will lead to a unilateral collapse of the economy, because nations took on the debt of the banks. Only Iceland kicked the banksters out and have begun prosecuting those responsible. Ireland is wishing they had.

CB's can continue to print at ZIRP for a long time. Recognizing that these represent collateral on diminishing resources will lead to inflation. This game can continue for a long time, but there will be no unwind. There has to be a point where nation states choose the latter of Hobson's options and offer their own.

Emerging Markets & Peripheral Currency Collapse « The Burning Platform:

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POP SOME PILLS « The Burning Platform

I like Michael Snyder, but some of his lists, and lists in general, provide little by way of problem analysis. They're just lists.

Anyway, my conventional wisdom after researching a number of issues which come up from time to time, and not in every case, but many times the treatment is take a pill, or diet and exercise.

KB made the point, should doctors prescribe medication for symptoms which can be controlled by non-pharmacological means. If doctors aren't held to a higher standard of conduct, then where is the moral boundary? Or do they get a pass simply by stating, I'm following the directions (orders) of my practice guidelines, hospital policy, the AAP, my higher ups.

As ObamaCare continues tear apart the social fabric of our nation, when will physicians, PA's, and NP's begin running their own clinics, and will they be allowed, or will the black market dominate?

I'll take the red pill, diet and exercise more, or suffer the consequences. It's like leaving something at home or the office. If you're constantly going back to get it, that's what you're conditioning yourself to do, instead of doing without that item, and remembering next time.


POP SOME PILLS « The Burning Platform:

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Friday, February 14, 2014

A World of Hurt « The Burning Platform

MA, there's one possibility which you didn't consider, and that is that TPTB wage a war against the American people.

While 5% of the American People, your number of 10% of Americans were patriots is incorrect, it's 5%, which makes your point even more, so while as many as 20% may protest a war, which we saw leading up to Syria, a test, it could be a ploy to cause civil unrest, blame that for the economic consequences of their policies, and implement a totalitarian police state in the US.

Do we fight against that? Maybe! The litmus test is the 2nd amendment. Without firearms, it could very well be Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia all over again. Starvation was the leading cause of death in Stalinist Russia. Lead poisoning will top the list in the US, if the FSA attempts to leave their ghettos. It's estimated only 10% complied with the MA law requiring registration of assault weapons and mags. How many will comply with national registration? How many Marxists are there among TPTB? We out number them exponentially in every meaningful statistic, with the exception of military power. Yet, the military didn't subdue the insurgencies in Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm advocating non-violent protest, as vigorous as necessary to counter any offensive of the feds against their own citizens.

Our enemy is a formidable foe, but let's not forget who is the enemy, and the single tactic proven to defeat him, the truth of God's Word. See you on the other side, amen!

A World of Hurt « The Burning Platform:

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Here's an infowars article,

It links back to the original Reuters article.

The only way out of $200T in unfunded entitlements other than default here in the US is confiscation of all public and private pensions and retirement accounts, and  SS and Medicare for all. I'm not opposed to the concept, since I don't have a massive IRA, or vesting in full retirement, yet, hoverever, I suspect thare will be a tired system, so that you get what you pay for, unless you're powerful, in which the someone else pays for it, typically the taxpayer, although multinationals have a lot of fluff. Friction lays at the tier lines.

Default is still an option. The 2012 distribution of income graphic is telling. Once TPTB have siphoned off anything of value they can get their hands on, they'll leave the taxpayer holding the bag.

Wealth inequality is still the symptom of a rigged system.


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