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I saw the poll and there’s a +- 4.5% margin of error, so it really shows the moderate Romney in a tie with a candidate only getting a split conservative vote. After Tue, that conservative vote will be less divided, and TPTB are going to have to pull a rabbit out of their arse to stop Paul, or present a more viable conservative candidate.

They REALLY don’t want Paul, but it’s simple, either nominate Paul, or split the conservative vote and re-elect Obama.

Be careful what you pray for, all hell will break loose if/when Paul gets the election, and God help him if he wins. That’s when the battle with the entrenched special interests begins. The longer we put off reform, the longer we delay any hope for an economic recovery.

Lower taxes and lower spending is the ONLY way to an improved economy. Anyone who thinks otherwise can pull out a checkbook and pay for $203T in unfunded entitlements. They can’t, there’s no way, and thus reform is the ONLY way. We can implement reform orderly, or chaotically, but either way, it’s going to happen. I would rather a reformer be in the White House when it happens. The hell with the bureaucrats and special interests in Washington. Carter was the last president to take them own. Reagan just rolled over and each succeeding president has been progressively worse.

God help us in this time of trial and tribulation.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ron Paul's flaming decent begins - Survivalist Forum

In repsonse to, Ron Paul's flaming decent begins - Survivalist Forum

My uber liberal racist friend said it makes him want to vote for Paul. He even accepted a ride with me sporting a new Ron Paul bumper sticker.

The federal bureaucracy will pull out all the stops not to elect Paul. Carter was the last president to take them own, then we got the devil incarnate in Ronald Reagan, and increasingly worse presidents to the present.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

GREED « The Burning Platform

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My response to

"How productive are the 1/10 of 1 percent, for whom the 1% work? I would like Mr. Allison to admit he was never in it for the little guy, he was all about his position, power, and making $$ for the majority shareholders, the super rich.

What a total crock, for these guys to start whining about public perception.

On the other hand, why is Bloomberg, still owned by Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire, going after the Fed, and now this? Is he attempting to exploit class warfare in preparation for a new global currency?"

The New World Order that Bloomberg and the super rich are creating is just an electronic form of feudalism, which never really went away. Liberalism ultimately countered feudalism. Globalism may be a little tougher nut to crack.

As an aside, my Ron Paul bumber sticker went on the POV this morning, to a mostly appreciative reception on the commute to work. Even if elected RP will have his work cut out, restoring a constitutional government as a separate but equal branch of a government accustomed to using the bill of rights as toilet paper.

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Yeah, that’s before you throw in all the cosmic BS with the Mayans. You really have to hand it to the Devil, he’s no dumb ass. There’s likely no disagreement on this forum that the world is being duped by a global conspiracy of Trilateralists, but I don’t know how many understand that not only is the conspiracy real, but the chief conspirator is the Devil. I would expect that while all may agree the conspiracy exists, the delineation of those who believe as I do, that Satan and the Devil are behind it all, falls principally along the same lines as those who profess to be Christian.

While It really doesn’t matter what you believe, it’s going down anyway. The difference is what one perceives is the answer to the world’s problems.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Incredible Arrogance of President - Survivalist Forum

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No difference between Repubs and Dems in this one, except Ron Paul. We would be right where we are today even if McCain had won. He's a CFR globalist, and wouldn't even be considering taxing the rich. Income and wealth disparity is what got us here, and unless and until that changes, nothing else will.

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I haven't heard .223 mentioned as a standard round. Even my hunting rifle is a smaller caliber than .30/7.62.

Water, food, self defense, shelter and clothing, these things will be in short supply. Preppers will actually help keep things more calm than otherwise in a collapse, because the criminal element will be at a disadvantage against a well armed citizen able to defend their families.

The real threat is organized gangs and the federal government. It may be hard to tell the difference in a collapse. Hopefully, organizations like Oath Keepers will keep the military in check.

When they come for me, I'm going to make it hell for them. I'm not going to a detention center, and if internet censorship happens, an internet kill switch, cell service jamming, etc, I already know everything I need to know to fight back. There's hundreds of thousands of former military, hunters, and preppers, maybe millions who will stand between the feds and an authoritarian police state. Bring it on bitches. We'll settle our grievances politically and lawfully. America is not a battle field, unless our government goes rogue and makes it one.

Ron Paul And The Coming Great Depression - Survivalist Forum

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The rats are in full panic mode, including Krugman, who has no credibility.

The rest of the world, especially Russia and China aren't going to capitulate to the US federal government, and the only way the US gets out of spending into oblivion is world domination in which they control everything. Since that isn't likely to happen, war is the most likely thing to happen.

So, Trent has a choice, reign in federal spending and the federal government, or risk world war. He's says by doing so we risk a depression, which the good LadyFenix aptly points out we're already in, it's just the near boiling frogs haven't gotten it yet. One could argue, risking depression is better than risking war.

Trent, which are you for, settling things by warfare, or settling them politically and economically? The socialist welfare state is dying. How do you propose we fix it?

Do yourself a favor and don't listen to Krugman, he's an idiot.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

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The effective tax rate of the 1P is historically low, around 18%, as shown here,

That's not even bringing into account the negligible taxes that US corporations pay. What did the middle class get for all those tax breaks?

The constitutional role of government is two fold, provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare (weal = wealth).

It's not that the 1% aren't paying taxes, they are. It's corporations that aren't because they bought off the Congress. Follow the money, there's the source of income disparity in the US, tax free corporate profits. When it all funnels to the 1%, that's what you get.

Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

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You're right, small business is the backbone of the economy. But, corporations are a legal entity, and where they were paying roughly half of the tax burden in 1980, they're now paying about 5%, without any corresponding cuts in spending. Where did the money go? Right into the pockets of the 1/10 of 1% of households, and the 1% they support.

So, while the middle class has had stagnant wages since the 70's, the top tiers have been doing quite well, thank you. The only problem it the party was thrown using borrowed money, and now the bills are coming due.

Retail in the US may as well have a "going out of business sale" in January. Then comes the commercial leg of the real estate bust. And another round of TBTF bailouts from the Fed. It might work, but I'm not counting on it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shades of patriotism - Letters -

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Ahh, so you weren't hypocritically target Obama detractors, fine. And you consider socialism repugnant, good, because it doesn't work. Entitlements, however, refer to lots of things that 1) aren't means tested, like SS, or 2) are purely socialist, like medicare, remember, doesn't work, or 3) federal retirement, and now 4) rents imposed as interest on the national debt.

I have no problem with social programs, so long as money isn't borrowed to pay for it. We've worked ourselves into a corner from which there is no escape, except by God.

If you somehow think everything is rosy, and it's going to be all right, then tell me where $202T is going to come from. Right now, the Fed is trying to inflate it away. Without taking a hard look ar it, I can tell you It's going to take significantly more than that.

And before you think you can ignore it and it will go away, when the US Govt fails to meet it's obligations, SS checks will stop. Tell that to anyone receiving an SS check and they will turn either white or red, dependent upon whether they depend on that check to eat.

Folks, we have a real problem on our hands. When raising taxes and cutting spending aren't enough, you're down to entitlement reform. I suggest we start with the retirement benefits the US Congress has voted for itself.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

In response to, Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

Newsflash!! Our economy is already on life support, crowded out by federal spending. If, as you say, everything will be just fine if we just lower taxes, costs, and energy. However, soveriegn debt soon slaps you back into reality, as it is in Europe.

The US doesn't owe $15T, it owes anywere from $153T to $202T, depending on whose numbers you use.

Just write a check for $202T, and everything will be cool. You can't, no one can, and there's the rub, something has to give.

Will it be world war and totalitarian police state, or do we unwind Methusala, the beast we allowed the feds to become?

I vote for unwinding the federal govt, individual freedom, and I will vote for RP in the primaries.

Respectfully, cutting taxes doesn't cut it. Reagan tried it and here we are. Spending must be cut, but not before two decades of anti US jobs policy is reversed. Unemployment in the US is 20%, why? Hmm, could it be corporations don't want to share record breaking profits, which by the way, have been heavily subsidized either directly or indirectly but little or no tax obligation?

Again, to whom does the benefit accrue? It's the top 1/10 of 1% who support the top 1%, and that's it. Are there exceptions, yes, but that's the rule.

When raising taxes and cutting spending aren't enough, you're down to entitlement reform, and I suggest we start with the retirement benefits the US Congress has voted for themselves.

Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

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Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

WOW, are you guys living in La La Land.

Let's review, in 1980, corporations were paying roughly half of the tax burden, individuals the other half. Beginning in the 1980's, corporations successfully lobbied to have their tax burden reduced, without any corresponding cuts in spending, thereby causing the exponential increase in deficits we continue to see.

I don't advocate raising taxes, we need tax reform to lower taxes for all, and cut federal spending, which by the way, has crowded out private investment, so your "free market" sentiment doesn't fly.

In fact, we should get rid of the illegal income tax altogether. I just think it's more likely we'll see a world war or totalitarian police state, or both.

No one is advocating a socialist welfare state, even though we're saddled with it for the next fifty years without a population event, like a pandemic or nuclear war. Aliens fit in there somewhere, except that's what the anti christ is going to claim when Christians rise to meet their savior, but that's another topic. We're witnessing the slow, painful death of the socialist welfare state, however, it would be a disaster to cut public spending before turning the tide of 20 years of anti US labor policies. If there aren't any jobs, then anarchy ensues, similar to the 1930's.

The crux of the argument is the wealth and income disparity in the US. At the turn of the century it was the industrialists, today it's the banksters. The welfare class, middle class, etc, etc are not at fault, it's Congress and the top one tenth of one percent, who support the top one percent who are becoming the enemy, not the welfare class.

We give a man a fish, instead of teaching him to fish, then take the fish away without teaching him to fish. We're saddled with a socialist welfare state for the next 50 years, with boomers retiring, etc. That is, unless some population event occurs or Jesus Chris returns first.

Whether Dirty Harry's point is the standard living of the supposed poor in this country, or the fact that corporations pay little or no taxes in this country since they successively lobbied Congress to lower their tax burden beginning the 1980's, the simple fact of the matter is to get people off welfare, some opportunity must be provided. If you're not willing to roll up your sleeves, you really have no business whining, bitching, or complaining about it.

The same for the unemployed, where is the opportunity. Isn't this supposed to be THE land of opportunity?

The top one percent own eighty percent of stocks in companies that pay little or no taxes as previously described, enjoy fifty percent of capital gains, and are supported by the top one-tenth of one percent.

Again, the issue is income and wealth disparity. How we solve it can put people to work. Yet, our Congress is more interesting in serving the one percent.

It's going to get ugly when fiscal responsibility meets the FSA.

Here's an article about taxes on the rich being historically low, not to mention corporations who pay little or no taxes, since the 1980's. Jeez, you guys need to get a life.

I'm not talking about someone like Adjustor who owns a small business. God bless you. I'm talking about a entity recognized legally as a person, that outlives individuals.

However, don't get me wrong, I'm against taxes. As a wage earner, I pay a disproportionate share of the tax burden. So, I considered that we should add Wealth and VAT taxes to spread the tax burden across the spectrum of economic activity. Then I saw this would give the government a hook to steal everything and realized the right answer was to repeal the income tax. Unless and until that happens, corporations and the rich should damn well pay their fair share. Perhaps the rich already are, but corps aren't, and the fact they aren't is why we have astronomical deficits in the first place, among other reasons, chiefly a profligate US Congress. Hang'em all! But until then, WAKE UP! Corporations ARE the REAL enemy, and their stooges in Congress. ****'em, then hang'em.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Indicted financier raised millions - State -

There appears to be a pattern between political campaign financing and crime. Abrams, Corzine and now ties to the current and former NC Governors. Perhaps a little campaign finance reform is in order.

That is, of course, if our society survives until the November 2012 elections. Even then, the writing is on the wall, when our socialist welfare crony capitalist nation can not meet it's obligations, the poor and elderly will be hit the hardest while politicians will continue to enjoy separate retirement and health care systems they voted for themselves.

We should nationalize pension and retirement funds, and put ALL on the SAME retirement (SS) and health care (Medicare). Maybe not, but either way, criminals are running this country and we're nearing the end game. China bailed out the Euro, again, but it's only a short term fix. The sovereign debt crisis is coming to a currency near you, perhaps sooner than anticipated, which would be an ironic twist of fate for those who caused it. Make no mistake, insiders are getting their funds out, and putting them into hard assets, while the music is still playing. Politicians and highly compensated civil servants are only interesting in maintaining status quo as long as possible, because when payment is due, we either collapse into a police state or we reorganize everyone's pensions, or both.

Indicted financier raised millions - State -

Monday, December 5, 2011

NC Rep. Tim Spear won't seek re-election in 2012 - Politics -

The N&O should be ashamed of their political back biting and participation in the culture of corruption that has permeated our state and country.

Unfortunately, we're all in the same boat economically, but the failed old ideas of the past aren't going to help. The socialist welfare state is dead. It remains to be seen what rises from the ashes. It could well be an anti christ.

NC Rep. Tim Spear won't seek re-election in 2012 - Politics -

Friday, December 2, 2011

Prison » Years of social unrest on the horizon if economies fall like dominoes

It would appear as though the US is still drunk with pursuing profits gained by the exploitation of cheap labor overseas, and it's military might. Who needs jobs?

As it turns out, everyone who isn't on the public spending gravy train, yet public sector spending has literally replaced private investment, which is what creates jobs.

It won't be until after the 2012 presidential elections until anything is done, and precious little after that, as the ruling powers like things just the way they are, and have little or no incentive to change, except to mobilize a police state to protect it.

Prison » Years of social unrest on the horizon if economies fall like dominoes

Thursday, December 1, 2011


There is the possibility of world war, even nuclear. This serves two purposes, depopulation and return to status quo. After all, that's what we're talking about with all the debt, it's debt owed by socialist nations, including the US.

The Devil and his minion would clearly see this as the most opportune action, get rid of as many souls as possible, and reset the system.

With a lot fewer people in the world, things would pretty much return to where they were, and governments would resume their role of nanny states, with the Devil continuing his role of killing God's Word in people's lives.

The Devil's time is short, we are told in Revelation 12:12, where it also states there is a battle raging in heaven between the Michael and his Angels and the dragon and his angels. This would be right before the appearance of the anti christ, and the beginning of the tribulation and events leading up to Armegeddon and Judgement Day. Revelation talks of Satan being cast in a pit for a thousand years before Armegeddon, so it's hard to tell where we are in the order of events.

In this context, the saints are admonished more than once,

Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus.

Nothing to do for the moment except remain vigilante, assuming of course you've got basic prepping done. If not, I highly encourage you to store several weeks or months worth of food you use every day. There's powdered or dehydrated versions of perishable goods. You also need guns and ammunition, water filtration, sanitation, all of the things yo take for granted. If there's no food to had anywhere, it's going to get ugly real fast. Katrina in 2005 and LA in 1992 are your best examples of what to expect.

One may say these are extreme measures, or even paranoid, but these are extreme times. It's not paranoia if there really is an enemy who is trying to kill you. The conspiracy exists, and the chief conspirator is Satan and the Devil.


IT’S GOOD TO BE THE 0.1% « The Burning Platform

Not only was there a cut in the corporate tax rate, but there was no corresponding cut in spending, sending the deficit skyrocketing on an upward trajectory which has only sped up since Reagan.

Corporations pay only 5% of the tax burden today, compared to 50% before Reagan took office.

As companies made more money due to borrowed federal dollars, they paid less in taxes, and who benefited? The one percent made up of corporate executives who saw their total compensation increase by 300% over the past two decades and the 1/10 of 1% who earn 50 percent of capital gains.

While the middle class saw there wages stagnate between 1970 and 2010. All of that tax reduction and corresponding deficit spending accrued to the top 1 percent. Effectively, the US Govt borrowed money, gave it to the rich and bought the votes of the FSA.

It sucks to be citizen of the world these days, that is, if your intention is to work and provide for your family. Unemployment is at near records highs, it could go to 50%, the number of families receiving food assistance and living near or below the poverty line is rising. Families are living in their cars. Is this all by choice? I don’t think so.

The Tea Party and OWS are protesting the same injustice, wealth and income disparity. How to fight and win is the difficult thing to figure. Trust in God is the key, and for now, I’m watching and waiting.

We would have been better off without bailouts and stimulus. Neither has created jobs. A eurozone collapse would bring China and western economies down with it, albeit only temporarily. Derivatives exposure is supposedly 100 times greater than in 2008, but bailing out the Euro is equivalent to the 2008 bailout of US Banks. It didn’t work, 3 years later the banks are still broke. It can’t and won’t work for Europe. What it will accomplish is a bankster takeover in Europe similar to what happened in Mexico. Their sights will then be firmly on the US. It didn’t work in 2008, it won’t work in 2011, and i’ll be damned if I’m going to give up my soveriegnty to a squiggly bankster named Blankfien, not in this lifetime. Police states are easy to deal with, at least then you know who is the enemy. Banks showing up at your house with a foreclosure notice, accompanied by a sheriff bought and paid for, is a little tougher to deal with.

The big reset needs to start in Europe.

IT’S GOOD TO BE THE 0.1% « The Burning Platform