Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dome: Tea party puts pressure on NC delegate over Obamacare | State Politics |

Burr listens to his campaign donors, which mostly includes special interests and corporations. MOST of Burr's constituents don't want Obama care or anything else to do with the status quo. Capitalism works for the 1%. Everyone else is pretty much on their own. DON'T insult my intelligence by suggesting Burr is anything but a status quo minion.
Hagan isn't much better, but she will buck the party line once in a while in support of her constituents. Burr? Never! However, he is rising in the party. Which is better for NC? November 2016 should be about sending representatives to Washington who aren't afraid to stand up to the status quo, the symptom of which is an out of control federal bureaucracy which can only survive, perhaps a little longer, by global domination.
However, you_all, Burr's actions in Washington aren't representative of his constituents, so don't pretend otherwise.

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Dome: Tea party puts pressure on NC delegate over Obamacare | State Politics |


I disagree with Zara and Mike, because... the Israeli's and the West have the same master marching the West to war in the middle east. It's the same master as the Illuminati, the Bildebergers, the BIS, the Masons, the European Union, the US federal government, etc.

"In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God."  (2 Cor 4:4 ESV)

The Devil is the god of this world. If you don't know who is the enemy, then you can't defeat him, and you will lose.

If you don't accept Israel is commanded by the same master, there's this, and this,

The reason the US is marching to war is simple, global domination. Without it, the dollar collapses. The John Kerry's of the world will risk all to command all. Even if everything collapses, there's always the shadow government, continuity of government, and enough freeze dried rations and ammunition to wage war against the US people for 20 years.

And one wonders why Obama established a civilian army to equal that of the US armed forces, and began staging military equipment and supplies around the country, before embarking on the MOAB. Inciting division within our society is just one more way of subjugating and controlling, but there is only one enemy, the Devil and Satan, with many fronts.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

WASHINGTON: Health insurance costs up again for employers and workers, survey finds | Economy |

This legislation is about to kill the labor market, the same thing the feds did with the housing market.

The goal was to make home buying affordable for everyone. Now the goal is to make health care affordable for everyone.

Too bad those idiots in DC haven't figured out, it doesn't work that way.

They'll figure it out when the dollar collapses and their public pensions are worthless. The only question is whether we'll still live in a free society.

WASHINGTON: Health insurance costs up again for employers and workers, survey finds | Economy |

RALEIGH, N.C.: McCrory signs bill that affects hospital billing, state employee rules | Business |

That is a blatant mis-characterization and misrepresentation of the facts. Did you expect the Governor to veto his parties legislation, particularly one giving him more flexibility in dealing with you, state employees?

I suppose if it doesn't suit you, then it's right wing extremism.

What is extreme, stupid, cruel and out of touch with most North Carolinians, are career state employees. Lack of accountability for tens of millions of dollars of waste annually is business as usual.

When state government cleans up it's act, and starts to behave responsibly with the tax payers $$, then I'll start worrying about whether the grievance process is too long or too short, and how many exempt positions there are.

I, for one, am tired of hearing state employees whine about how tough they have it. Most of the budget goes toward salaries, which yields a low ROI for taxpayers and a looming financial crisis for the State Health Plan.


There's no question there's no accountability in state government, from the top down. Getting elected and staying there is their only priority. Not what they're going to do when they get there.

The lack of accountability was exacerbated by the culture of corruption which permeated state government beginning with Bob Scott and ending with Bev Purdue.

Perhaps the best we can hope for from this legislature is a lack of corruption. We've seen the national influence of party politics on both sides. I would like to see North Carolina distance itself from those agendas. The GA scored big this legislative session with a number of critically important issues. The fight is not over, and the biggest seems to countering an out of control federal bureaucracy, one that has damaged the housing market causing the Global Financial Crisis and now seems poised to damage the labor market even further.

RALEIGH, N.C.: McCrory signs bill that affects hospital billing, state employee rules | Business |

N.C. attorney general: Duke’s profit margin hurts consumers | Consumer News |

Maybe the merger will accomplish one goal of having to reign in only one monopoly.

Duke will make up it's margin by providing a lower level of customer service, but two can play that game.

I suppose a compromise is in order, from experience, however, contractors are real specific about how much money they get, and fudge the details about what they'll provide in return.

I'm a little surprised no one else has commented. Perhaps the Moral Monday crowd is resting up for next years legislative session to see if they can get some of their funding restored.

N.C. attorney general: Duke’s profit margin hurts consumers | Consumer News |

HOUSINGS LAST HURRAH « The Burning Platform

The labor market is going to follow the housing market in early 2014, which has a ripple effect on SS and tax revenues for the feds. The deficit and accompanying debt will grind the global economy to a halt.

The question is when will Obama declare martial law in order to remain in office. It’s almost guaranteed he will, since public pensions will become worthless when the dollar collapses.

All of America will be on one health care and retirement plan, while CONUS, POTUS, and SCOTUS will have their own separate plans.

Then the gig will be up, and the farce of the US federal government will be realized.

Obama and the heads of finance, banking and economics met last night. Anyone know which screw they’re going to turn? Doesn’t really matter to me. I can turn lead into gold.

HOUSINGS LAST HURRAH « The Burning Platform

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

YEAH – THEY’RE WORKING FOR YOU « The Burning Platform

History teaches us what has happened in the past. Never before in the history of man has so much information been available to so many people. We have the internet, the modern tower of babel. The original tower was a planetarium, although I'm not sure how that would enable the dawn of civilization to "be able to do anything" or why the devil was allowed to cause them to lose their ability to understand one another, the idiom of permission. The printing press brought about the protestant revolution by putting God's Word in the hand of every man.

People will generally do what is right. The difficulty is they don't know what is right, and when they are told, they're disobedient. We have the example of the people of Israel. I expect no different from this generation, so I tend to agree we are in for a shit storm. However, hope resides in the knowledge of God and the truth of his word. We cannot destroy the Devil, but we can destroy his works,

"The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil." (1 John 3:8b, ESV)

Jesus Christ exposed the kingdom of the Devil. He cast out devil spirits, and they adapted their ways. Prior to Christ, the Israelites were required to ceremonially wash their pots and pans, and not eat certain things to maintain the spiritual purity of the household. We live under the law of grace, not the law of sin, so that any man can come to God through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ.

Wickedness has always been in the world. The 20th century was a century of war. Technology has enabled warfare to reach the point where there are three super powers. We don't have any influence in those countries, but we can influence the US. Right now, the US is collaborating with China and Russia to divide up the spoils of the world, retaining power while subjugating their people. It requires the destruction of the american people, and perhaps rightly so, given our carbon footprint. We can look to the people of Russia, or China and understand that no American would trade the freedom they have today for residence in either of those countries. Russia is a thugocracy, and China is a party run slave state. We're closer to China than to Russia's politics, since the fall of the soviet union. It should be noted that central planning doesn't work, anywhere, where decentralization is key to free market economies. This is not laissez faire, but leveling the playing field. The opposite of what occurred under Clinton/Bush.

While we can't control what happens elsewhere in the world, we can influence politics here. The tea party has the most effective strategy, thus far. One can read their core beliefs at and except for a few minor points, who would disagree except those committed to the destruction of the country, and apparently rebuilding it in their image? Is our struggle simply one of cultural identity? No, because what the US stood for is individual freedom. This is being replaced by a fascist state before our very eyes, underlining the critical necessity of electing freedom minded candidates who will uphold the constitutional rights of individuals and stand against the tyranny of the federal bureaucracy. It is either the destruction of this bureaucracy or the destruction of the american people. We cannot co-exist.

YEAH – THEY’RE WORKING FOR YOU « The Burning Platform

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

McCrory campaign aides now working at DHHS have same pay, less experience than predecessors | Local/State |

I've got news for the teachers of North Carolina and anyone else working outside the beltline, these two salaries are business as usual. If we cut 20% of the budget and cut all services to the citizens of the state, then we can start talking about where the other 80% of the budget is being spent. The boomers are hanging on to their public sector jobs as long as they can, then they'll fight to the death to protect their pensions. That's what Governor McCrory is up against in Raleigh. He didn't cause it.

I would like the GA to consider legislation to prohibit one penny of the general fund to be spent on retiree health care. Up until 2006, state employees only needed to work 5 years to get free health care when they turn 65 or retire. Guess what happens when these boomers start turning 65? It is an insurance plan. It should be self sustaining and revenue neutral. If the previous generation screwed up, and it appears they most certainly did, how do we fix it? Tax neo-liberals? No, they would rather spend other peoples money. The General Assembly did the right thing this year by cutting taxes and spending to put the state on sound financial footing.

The federal bureaucracy is too far gone to save. We need to repeal ObamaCare, but instead we're going to get a government shutdown. January 2014 is when the job market goes the way of the housing market, after that, the dollar will collapse as our debt driven consumer economy can expand no further. I don't expect we'll make it through next summer without civil unrest and turmoil, the likes which haven't been seen since the last Great Depression.That's why DHS is staging military gear and equipment around the country. It isn't to provide relief to 280 million Americans, it's to implement martial law. Then we'll see neo-liberalism and neo-feudalism were the same thing, and begin asking ourselves, how do we break the bonds of oppression. The answer today is the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement. November 2014 will be a critical election to get free thinking candidates elected to office who aren't too afraid to stand up to the status quo. The left and the right, have a common enemy, it's the status quo, and it doesn't care who's in power. They've got their bases covered in both parties. Status quo should be challenged at both the state and federal levels, because the current status is unsustainable.

McCrory campaign aides now working at DHHS have same pay, less experience than predecessors | Local/State |