Saturday, September 29, 2012

WAS JESUS GETTING SOME? « The Burning Platform

Herr Stuck, we've been over this already. Of course Joseph fucked Mary. Yet, to expound upon certain points, which will be the last word, because each word will be scripturally based, if you care, and I'm not sure that you do, but in the event someone reading this may glean some truth from it, here goes,

The angel appearing unto Joseph when he was considering putting her away privately, instead of having her stoned, which would have been his right, the angel said, "take unto you your wife," meaning to consumate his marriage with her. This was after she conceived the Son of God by the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, the description of Mary is she had not known a man in the biblical sense to the point of conception. Yes, she had sex with Joseph, but the conception of the Son of God was by divine intervention.

Lastly, Jesus was said to have brothers and sisters, so, in all liklihood, Joseph and Mary had a relationship as man and wife, resulting in a family. They were also quite wealthy, considering all of the gifts bestowed upon them by the wise men of the east. But, that is a discussion for another time.

The only book, Stuckey, which I'm interested in by way of proof of anything, is the Word of God, as revealed to his Holy Saints and testified unto you this day. Grace and Peace be unto you all, in the glorious name of the risen Christ, the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Oh, and to the OP, did Jesus get any nooky, it's likely he did not, because it's equally unlikely he married.

It's also interesting this "revelation" comes so closely on the heels of the archeologist in Jerusalem who claims to have found Jesus' tomb. Our adversary, the Devil, must be feeling a bit of heat in his zeal to drive the nations toward Armegeddon. Spoiler alert, he fails, not is his zeal, but in his stated ambition of destroying the Word of God, and ruling over his creation.

We would all do well to heed the admonition of the Lord.

WAS JESUS GETTING SOME? « The Burning Platform

Monday, September 24, 2012

We’re all in this together: The Truth About Federal entitlement spending « The Progressive Pulse

The rights which the US Constitution upholds are inalienable, so there is is need for review bodies or General Opinions, only enforcement of existing law, which, if a nation is in violation, there's nothing to prevent them from violating any other laws, no matter who upholds them.

The discussion of entitlements, i.e. pensions, welfare, food stamps, and health care; or human rights, as you call them, are mutually independent and are separate discussions, so there is a distinction between entitlements and rights, contrary to what you may think in your country, probably a police state, which is where the US is headed, undoubtedly to your delight.

We’re all in this together: The Truth About Federal entitlement spending « The Progressive Pulse


Even if the feds seize the pension funds, and mandate Social Security and Medicare for all, it won’t include the USCON, or the elite who will have their own health care and retirement plans, perhaps with a lot fewer of us around.

I just don’t see it boding well for anyone planning a two tier pension and health care system. It won’t work, the top tier will essentially suck up all the resources and leave nothing to the second. I suppose that’s where the police state comes in, which essentially means a lot less of us and them, and they’re outnumbered, hence the deception and deceit.


We’re all in this together: The Truth About Federal entitlement spending « The Progressive Pulse

Comrade, how do you expect a nation which breaks it's own laws to adhere to any declaration of rights?

The only "limitations" to entitlements is the sponsoring states ability to pay. We see the history of the soviet republic and the genocide of an entire generation by starvation.

Depopulation would be one solution to meeting the states duties under universal norms, i.e. there aren't enough resources to go around, then how does one ration them? Does the state decide, i.e. central planning, which leads to inefficient allocation of resources, or allow a market based system of distribution?

The problem with the socialist and capitalist models, as currently managed by the various nation states, is both lead to wealth inequality, which is, what ultimately needs to be addressed.

We’re all in this together: The Truth About Federal entitlement spending « The Progressive Pulse

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We’re all in this together: The Truth About Federal entitlement spending « The Progressive Pulse

One might be surprised at how quickly these "poor" and "disabled" will get off their couches and take to the streets when their "entitlements" quit coming because the government has lost the ability to borrow and spend.

That's where our entitlement society is headed. Allen, since you feel so strongly about it, I'm sure you won't mind paying twice the amount of taxes you're paying now, to pay for those who don't work. Because that is also where we're headed.

If the national debt was paid off, and a balanced budget instituted, then we wouldn't be having this discussion, because disability and welfare would be reserved for the most pitiful cases, as it once was.

Newsflash for Allen, one can only borrow and spend until you can't. Then what happens to the poor and disabled. Indeed, what will become of any of us. But, I can sleep better at night, knowing that you, Allen, have the best interests of all at heart. You may send your tax payments to the nearest tax revenue office. Have a nice day!

We’re all in this together: The Truth About Federal entitlement spending « The Progressive Pulse


Bailing out the states, just another unfunded, off the books, unanticipated(?) expense which will leave the US high and dry.

I'm with Hope on this one, what're the feds going to do when all fifty states secede, or call a constitutional convention? The trouble is, what then?

We could tweak the system to become more manageable and sustainable, and could have done so at any time since the end of WWII. It was tweaked, alright, to the advantage of the financiers and industrialists, the same parties which caused the first depression. To the point the economy is out of control, which Bernanke just admitted with his open ended purchase of toxic assets, totaling total $15T, further bailing out the financiers, and further worsening the circumstances which caused the imbalance in the first place, namely wealth inequality.

How does one address the issue of wealth inequality? It isn't going to matter at some point. Thankfully, we have a savior in Christ Jesus, because God knows, there's little that can be done to avoid the consequences of mal-investment caused by the feds policies. What are the banks going to do with $40B a month into the foreseeable future. Buy treasuries? This should be interesting.

Jesus may have been on to something,

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money." (Matthew 6:24 ESV)

Bernanke would have done well to heed to the teachings that were available two thousand years ago, so he has no excuse.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

THE EMPTY SUIT « The Burning Platform

SS has already hit the red, I don’t know about medicare, and all of the other unfunded entitlements. The national deficit is about to reach critical mass and go nuclear, hence the automatic budget cuts that will take effect in 2013. The federal bureaucracy is not prepared to do more with less, and there will be severe withdrawal pains.

The cake is baked. It matters who wins the election because the Obama administration will only reward those who don’t work, and prolong the recession. Romney may not do any better, but he can’t do any worse.

What will return the US to competitiveness is cutting spending and cutting taxes, plain and simple. Bowles and Simpson understand this. I’m hoping that Mitt Romney has enough sense, if elected, to select Erskine Bowles as the new Treasury Secretary. His name has been mentioned, but I don’t know in what context, because if it’s unreasonable for Romney to select him, then the discussion would have assumed Obama will win in November. Maybe the fix is already in, as well as the cake.

However, all of this discussion about the FSA voting themselves more stuff is a farce. By the time the 1% are done with this economy, there isn’t going to be anything left.

THE EMPTY SUIT « The Burning Platform

Friday, September 14, 2012

BERNANKE IS IN PANIC MODE « The Burning Platform

Bruce, you left out this gives the 1% more time to loot and secure their fortresses, replete with provisions and armed security. The police state apparatus will also have more time to prepare buying hardware.

The less fortunate have more time to prepare, as you mentioned, although surviving The Crunch is going to be difficult. The oligarchy is the only winner of QE3.

There are only two end game scenarios for the Fed's QE to infinity, government cuts it's deficits which allows private investment to flourish or everyone either works for the government or is supported by them. Since it isn't structurally possible for the feds to cut spending, then government of, for and by the people will become, the government is the people. Not that it's such a bad idea in theory. The difficulty is in getting anyone to do any work, but I suppose there are those who will work for the sake of it. Don't expect to much in the way of superlative effort, except the C level execs and politics.

As we transition to this state run society, how do we get everyone on the government payroll that is currently doing work in the private sector? According to Wikipedia,

8% of those employed are in public sector jobs, not counting the percent of employees working for public sector vendors.

Also, from

In 2010, public sector spending was 42% of GDP at $6.134 trillion whereas in 2001 it was $2.293 trillion, or slightly less than 20% of the GDP.

So, while we're headed in the right direction as percent of GDP, which will tend toward 100%, but we know the employment numbers haven't improved, but are worse.

As we pursue this policy of government is the people, which we've been hearing from the left for some time, culminating in this year's DNC, we have to wonder, again, how do we improve the employment numbers? It's the same wealth disparity issue as the crony capitalist model. The crony socialist model tends to aggregate wealth at the very top. So, we really can't address employment without addressing wealth disparity, not by creating more of it by destroying the middle class, but by a tax code which only allows a personal deduction and that's it. A wealth tax can also be instated, not to exceed an amount equal to a percentage of a reasonable ROI, so as not to be confiscatory, but neither allow hoarding.

If we can't cut federal spending, then it will consume us. I think that's a given. Whether it destroys us, or not, is another matter. The societal issues can be handled by addressing wealth disparity, which is a must in any event, or we can get out the pitch forks now, and not allow the natural course of events to work in favor of a tyranny.

BERNANKE IS IN PANIC MODE « The Burning Platform

Thursday, September 13, 2012


The attacks yesterday were carefully orchestrated, and demonstrate the US failure in the War on Terror. But, then, there never really was any war on terror, only an excuse to spend vast sums of money. The same for the wars on Poverty and Drugs, these being preceded by the Cold War.

Fiat currency failed in the nineteen thirties, and it was only after a World War and the US Treasury Note becoming the world’s reserve currency that the US came back from the Great Depression. There is no event on the horizon that will rescue the sovereign nations of the earth from the bankers, no new caches of natural resources, no new world’s to conquer. When the US bailed out the bankers in 2008, it sealed the fate of the USD.

When the dollar fails, at least we won’t need to be concerned about how to pay for $200T in unfunded federal liabilities. That will be the least of our worries, while we try to feed ourselves with GM crops, the seeds of which are patented and enforced by the same US government purchasing billions of rounds of small arms ammunition, and labeling constitutionalists as terrorists.

US Foreign Policy in Libya isn’t a failure, it successfully further entrenches the need for the out of control federal bureaucracy to go even further to erode the civil liberties of US Citizens in the name of security.

The US created the very terrorist organizations with whom it now purports to be at war. Epic fail? No, epic win, if you’re Charlie Sheen.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CHART OF DOOM « The Burning Platform

The Great Society was a failure from the sixties until today. When you pay people to have babies, even under the most abhorrent conditions, like the 30 blocks of squalor, they have babies.

What do they do if you pay them to not work? So having shot ourselves in both feet, now we’re aiming for the knee caps with Obama Care and SNAP. Another generation of dependent degenerates.

The Apostle Paul commanded the churches,

“For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.  For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12 (ESV)

God would not have commanded anyone to do something which they are unable to do. It seems at most, that they were unwilling. Pity that. It seems, too, human nature hasn’t changed all that much in two thousand years.

CHART OF DOOM « The Burning Platform

Sunday, September 9, 2012

CRAZY SURVIVALISTS « The Burning Platform

HZK, the stock market can crash, that's about it. Bernanke cranks up the presses. He can keep playing that game until the dollar collapes, and then we're into trade politics. It doesn't suck being the 500# gorilla on the block. It only sucks being an american citizen with an out of control federal government, which is what got us here, the latest chapter beginning with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

I use the LA Riots and post-Katrina NO as examples of what can go wrong. Most people don't understand the LA Riots spread up and down the West Coast as far north as Tacoma, WA by the disaffected.

The Zimmeran case is a good example of the racial tensions that could get turned up in a hurry. It  almost seems like it was a test case used by the feds. There's no doubt we're in a pressure cooker cooker when minorities feel the brunt of any recession, and this latest being the worst since race entered the national dialogue.

The feds are still the wild card, and will remain out of control until the natural course of fiat money takes it's course. America will be full of Rawlesian Redoubts. It only takes a group of like minded individuals to begin and it only took a few Korean shop owners with small arms weapons to keep the looters out of their stores in LA. It's no wonder the feds would like nothing more than getting small arms out of the hands of Americans.

I talk to people all the time about beans and bullets. They're generally interested, but not willing to do a whole lot. However, it doesn't take much to store up a few basics. Then you realize self sufficiency is a lifestyle, and you begin to understand it won't be the disaffected or the FSA that will inherit the earth, it will be those most prepared for the inevitable firestorms of social upheaval we will be facing as unfunded federal entitlements meet fiscal reality which meets the global banksters. I don't worry about OPSEC so much as I care about talking to as many people as possible about current events and the political process, where we were founded as a country of, for and by the people, and if we don't want to see it become a police state, we are the ones who are going to have to see to it that it doesn't become one.

CRAZY SURVIVALISTS « The Burning Platform

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FUN WITH UNEMPLOYMENT « The Burning Platform

We're in an inflationary depression, and the government cooks the books to deny it. The unemployment numbers don't lie, neither does the inflation rate.

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, we're in for a bumpy ride! By "hold on to your hats", I mean,

- get a gun and learn to use it, the NRA teaches personal protection classes. Get a concealed carry permit if your state allows it. Currently, Illinois is the only state which denies the right to bear arms.

- stock up on food and water. Check the expiration dates of foods you normally buy every day. They're usually good for six months or more. That means you can store six months worth of food you already use every day. Of course it helps to be able to cook. Look into camp stoves and pressure cookers. I leave that up to my wife, but I could do it if I had to do it, I think.

- buy physical precious metals

- buy barter items

FUN WITH UNEMPLOYMENT « The Burning Platform