Sunday, September 9, 2012

CRAZY SURVIVALISTS « The Burning Platform

HZK, the stock market can crash, that's about it. Bernanke cranks up the presses. He can keep playing that game until the dollar collapes, and then we're into trade politics. It doesn't suck being the 500# gorilla on the block. It only sucks being an american citizen with an out of control federal government, which is what got us here, the latest chapter beginning with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

I use the LA Riots and post-Katrina NO as examples of what can go wrong. Most people don't understand the LA Riots spread up and down the West Coast as far north as Tacoma, WA by the disaffected.

The Zimmeran case is a good example of the racial tensions that could get turned up in a hurry. It  almost seems like it was a test case used by the feds. There's no doubt we're in a pressure cooker cooker when minorities feel the brunt of any recession, and this latest being the worst since race entered the national dialogue.

The feds are still the wild card, and will remain out of control until the natural course of fiat money takes it's course. America will be full of Rawlesian Redoubts. It only takes a group of like minded individuals to begin and it only took a few Korean shop owners with small arms weapons to keep the looters out of their stores in LA. It's no wonder the feds would like nothing more than getting small arms out of the hands of Americans.

I talk to people all the time about beans and bullets. They're generally interested, but not willing to do a whole lot. However, it doesn't take much to store up a few basics. Then you realize self sufficiency is a lifestyle, and you begin to understand it won't be the disaffected or the FSA that will inherit the earth, it will be those most prepared for the inevitable firestorms of social upheaval we will be facing as unfunded federal entitlements meet fiscal reality which meets the global banksters. I don't worry about OPSEC so much as I care about talking to as many people as possible about current events and the political process, where we were founded as a country of, for and by the people, and if we don't want to see it become a police state, we are the ones who are going to have to see to it that it doesn't become one.

CRAZY SURVIVALISTS « The Burning Platform

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