Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Teachers getting screwed again!!! - Page 21

What is your issue, teacher pay or quality of education? They don't necessarily go hand in hand.

How do you propose raising teacher pay, by raising taxes? Don't get me wrong, I'm on your side. We could cut spending in other areas and raise teacher pay. I just don't see priorities changing all that much.

Thankfully, republicans didn't increase spending, and couldn't because we have been in a recession since 2008, but they're still spending as much as the dems. The only thing keeping the states afloat is federal deficit spending, at the expense of the future generations. Since it is mathematical certainty the federal government can't meet it's obligations, which we have been warned about since the sixties, our entire way of life is going to change drastically at some point.

Considering all of the other issues we face as a society, your rant about teacher pay falls short. The problem isn't teacher pay, it's spending priorities.

I read yesterday the unemployment rate using **real** numbers is above 22 percent. Those are depression level numbers. Yet you won't hear about that on the nightly news.

At the end of the day, providing a quality education is important, and I think we're spending too many resources on immigration and medicaid, both federal issues. So, if you want to complain, direct your criticism where it belongs, an out of control federal bureaucracy.

How then, do you reign it in. Jimmy Carter was the last POTUS to even attempt it. The federal deficit began to explode under Reagan, and each successive POTUS has been progressively worse, up to the present.

Any thoughts?

Teachers getting screwed again!!! - Page 21:

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