Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, everyone is dipping into the taxpayers pockets, except since the end of WWII, federal spending has been increasingly financed by borrowed dollars, to the extent we're witnessing the end game. Extend and pretend is too polite a term.

The next several months should be interesting as potentially bankrupt states have to balance their budgets and the federal debt ceiling breaches as tax season approaches.

If the plunge protection teams are successful in sweeping the carcasses under rug, the power elite will have another year to plunder.

I'm not sure what TeresaE means by "CONgress fucked everything up in 2005," but apparently she has an ax to grind about how unfairly small businesses are treated in this country. No, duh!

It isn't anybody's fault federal deficit spending is out of control except the fed's. I read an interesting article about the founding of this nation at a friend's blog, in which the premise is the founders were to a large extent one worlders, but that Christian principles overrode their agenda.

As the reserve currency of the world is rendered useless, and the consequences unfold, let's hope and pray that Christian principles again win the day.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Short of A Miracle, America Doesn't Stand a Chance

Excellent article and comments. One point I particularly agree with in the article is ending the income tax, as it places an unfair burden on the wage earner.

My wife and I started prepping for our family of four almost two years ago, and I'm thankful we did. We have food, water, a minimalist retreat, and the ability to defend ourselves using deadly force if necessary. OPSEC is probably our biggest issue at this point, and becoming self sufficient, which is a whole other level of preparedness.

Unlike CurryTacoRolls, I don't see the asians, latinos, eurasians moving into North America. More likely, the threat of dislocation comes from our own government. Just ask the Native Americans.

Short of A Miracle, America Doesn't Stand a Chance

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saunders: Please don't dwell on hell - Saunders -

In the bible, heaven is any place above the earth, hell is anything below it, as in a grave, sheol. Gehenna was a place in biblical times where dead bodies were dumped and burned.

Eternal damnation in the book of revelation is reserved for the devil and his anti-christ, whom are spirit, and as such, eternal. Those whose names aren't found in the book of life, i.e. do not have spirit, are thrown into the lake of fire and perish, the second death.

Everyone will be judged and held accountable for the actions. We are saved by grace, confessing Jesus as Lord, and believing God raised him from the dead. (Rom 10:9 - 10).

The great mystery was that Jesus would ascend into heaven, and God would pour out his spirit upon the earth to those who will believe.

It's just that easy, yet difficult for people to accept. I enjoy meeting fellow believers in my daily walk, because it's always an enjoyable experience. I can't say the same for every one I meet.

A knowledge of God's word clears up all kinds of misunderstandings. I question the motives of those who sow strife by attempting to interpret the bible, wherein the bible needs no interpretation. It interprets itself, right where it is written, in the context, or where the word or words were previously used. The mystery was revealed, it is only up to you and I whether we choose to accept what is written.

Saunders: Please don't dwell on hell - Saunders -

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Progressive Pulse – Top of the morning

I don't suppose there would be any issue from PW if Eshelman was a flaming liberal and I don't know how you could have seen it coming. It's rather surprising, if you asked me, but you didn't.

Have you examined the pedigree of the other trustees on the board of governors? Isn't Frank Daniels, Jr. on the board? Perhaps Eshelman will be an appropriate counter balance.

Even with Erskine Bowles' tenure of cost cutting, the school system is bloated from the top down. This is a right to work state, but that doesn't mean everyone has to work for the state.

The real problem is federal deficit spending, and these will be austere times from now until the foreseeable future. There is a right way and a wrong way to resolve the issues facing our society. I don't see how appointing a highly successful and highly respected individual to what is a nominal position can be anything other than good for the university system and the citizens of this state.

It isn't a take over, Chris, it's called taking back.

The Progressive Pulse – Top of the morning

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Progressive Pulse – Federal decisions on budget will compound state budget woes

These cuts make little sense when you consider the Federal deficit was $242B last month alone.

The aggregate of State’s budget deficits over 3 years is $278B, while the federal deficit over the same 3 year period is $2.4T.

Somehow, the federal deficit has to be contained, and like all other government cuts, it starts with services instead of high paying salaries and positions. It would seem fewer of these high paying positions would be needed to provide fewer services.

No, the fix for our economy is less taxes and less spending, not more. Like a cancer, the only question is whether the patient can survive the cure. But like a cancer, we treat it or the patient dies anyway.

The Progressive Pulse – Federal decisions on budget will compound state budget woes

Sunday, March 13, 2011

YOU TOO CAN LIVE IN A TENT CITY « The Burning Platform

Opinionated, please don’t blame our current predicament on Obama! We’re in a systemic rut facilitated started oddly enough, by Reagan, although some like to point back to Nixon. There’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats in this saga. It will all have to come crashing down to change it, and not necessarily for the better.

We’re a nation that has stood for well over 200 years and seen unbelievable change just in the last fifty years. Wealth disparity will drive what JQ likes to call the fourth turning. Domestic pressure at home and an exponentially exploding federal deficit will force QE to infinity. Maybe it will work, but it will require every other country in the world to accept worthless $ bills as hard currency.

The longer the status quo is maintained at the top, the higher the level of misery will be at the bottom, until the wealth disparity is addressed. Good luck getting any of the beneficiaries of the current system to comply. The corollary to extend and pretend is that charitable agencies are being stretched to the breaking point.

YOU TOO CAN LIVE IN A TENT CITY « The Burning Platform

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Governments Are About To Lose Control « The Burning Platform

The real problem is Federal deficit spending, inflation or not, deflation or not. Whether the Fed is willing to admit it or not, inflation is the only way to sustain exponentially expanding levels of federal spending. $223B of deficit spending in February? Who's kidding who?

When QE ends, by some reports as early as June, all hell is going to break loose with a fury and a vengenance. Regardless of who or what is running the country, multinational corps are still going to be around and wielding a lot of influence. Government produces nothing, and will need private enterprise to provide infrastructure, unless the end game is a statist society. More likely it's the insatiable greed of the oligarchy that's driving spending levels higher and higher.

There's no question we're in for the mother of all corrections as government spending winds down. The oligarchy versus the free shit army, with what's left of productive society caught in the middle. Stay tuned for replays of Wisconsin, Atlanta and New Jersey as declining levels of social spending translates into not so civil unrest. The next few months are going to be interesting as states grapple with budget deficits. Unemployment will increase as federal spending contracts, placing even more stress on state's budgets. The only hope for state and local governments is to wind down all but essential services. Even then it may be too late as the beast that has become our federal government continues to consume and devour everything in it's path.

Governments Are About To Lose Control « The Burning Platform

Monday, March 7, 2011

Many Foreclosures in Oregon Halted Due to Decisions Against MERS « naked capitalism

Even if this doesn’t bode well for banksters, what does it mean for the health of banks and the overall economy? It may actually help as the economy continues to deteriorate that banks aren’t able to evict people from their homes, but it also means these homes are now unable to be sold, except under a clouded title.

There will need to be a national consensus about how to resolve title, and I’m sure the banks are lobbying the states Attorneys General hard to preserve title as security. As I understand the problem with MERS is the note was transferred, while the collateral interest was not. Does this mean that the loan underwriter owns title?

Also, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac guarantee 97% of these loans, who would be able to make a claim in the event of a default?

If the dollar collapses, the promissory notes don’t disappear, they would be converted into whatever replaces the dollar, and the debt is still owed. Even in the event of a societal collapse, and we return to a standard of living that resembles the 19th century more than the 20th, there is still a County Register where these notes are recorded. Clearing title is going to be an issue, almost any way you look at it.

Many Foreclosures in Oregon Halted Due to Decisions Against MERS « naked capitalism

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is your teotwawki/shtf scenario nightmare and why?

Quote: Originally Posted by NDS
"I'm in the middle of it right now -- awake and in real life."

How so, unemployment? Yeah, that would bite!

That's the real kicker, we live in an interdependent society. When government pays people to have babies, they have babies. When they pay them not to work, they don't work.

The mentality becomes, "where's my handout?", and when there is none, then we get mad. The difficult part to accept is we've off shored our middle class, resulting in wealth accumulation at the top.

Which brings me back to my original reply. My concern is more about long term economic prospects for our country, than short term or intermediate crises precipitating civil unrest or violence. I have the will and the means to defend myself using deadly force, if necessary. I'm not able to compete, however, with forces that are beyond my control. That was supposed to be the purpose of our democratic process, which was usurped by politicians borrowing $$ from future generations to buy votes, and sticking not only to this generation, but every person who will ever have the misfortune to be born into this world.

How does it end? Only God Almighty knows. We know that God tells us in his Word that the end of the Devil and his anti Christ is the lake of fire. But there is a lot that has to happen in between, with a lot of trial and tribulation. One can only hope in the return of the Lord. "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!" (Revelation 22:20b ESV)

What is your teotwawki/shtf scenario nightmare and why?