Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saunders: Please don't dwell on hell - Saunders -

In the bible, heaven is any place above the earth, hell is anything below it, as in a grave, sheol. Gehenna was a place in biblical times where dead bodies were dumped and burned.

Eternal damnation in the book of revelation is reserved for the devil and his anti-christ, whom are spirit, and as such, eternal. Those whose names aren't found in the book of life, i.e. do not have spirit, are thrown into the lake of fire and perish, the second death.

Everyone will be judged and held accountable for the actions. We are saved by grace, confessing Jesus as Lord, and believing God raised him from the dead. (Rom 10:9 - 10).

The great mystery was that Jesus would ascend into heaven, and God would pour out his spirit upon the earth to those who will believe.

It's just that easy, yet difficult for people to accept. I enjoy meeting fellow believers in my daily walk, because it's always an enjoyable experience. I can't say the same for every one I meet.

A knowledge of God's word clears up all kinds of misunderstandings. I question the motives of those who sow strife by attempting to interpret the bible, wherein the bible needs no interpretation. It interprets itself, right where it is written, in the context, or where the word or words were previously used. The mystery was revealed, it is only up to you and I whether we choose to accept what is written.

Saunders: Please don't dwell on hell - Saunders -

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