Thursday, September 20, 2012

THE EMPTY SUIT « The Burning Platform

SS has already hit the red, I don’t know about medicare, and all of the other unfunded entitlements. The national deficit is about to reach critical mass and go nuclear, hence the automatic budget cuts that will take effect in 2013. The federal bureaucracy is not prepared to do more with less, and there will be severe withdrawal pains.

The cake is baked. It matters who wins the election because the Obama administration will only reward those who don’t work, and prolong the recession. Romney may not do any better, but he can’t do any worse.

What will return the US to competitiveness is cutting spending and cutting taxes, plain and simple. Bowles and Simpson understand this. I’m hoping that Mitt Romney has enough sense, if elected, to select Erskine Bowles as the new Treasury Secretary. His name has been mentioned, but I don’t know in what context, because if it’s unreasonable for Romney to select him, then the discussion would have assumed Obama will win in November. Maybe the fix is already in, as well as the cake.

However, all of this discussion about the FSA voting themselves more stuff is a farce. By the time the 1% are done with this economy, there isn’t going to be anything left.

THE EMPTY SUIT « The Burning Platform

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