Sunday, December 11, 2011

Indicted financier raised millions - State -

There appears to be a pattern between political campaign financing and crime. Abrams, Corzine and now ties to the current and former NC Governors. Perhaps a little campaign finance reform is in order.

That is, of course, if our society survives until the November 2012 elections. Even then, the writing is on the wall, when our socialist welfare crony capitalist nation can not meet it's obligations, the poor and elderly will be hit the hardest while politicians will continue to enjoy separate retirement and health care systems they voted for themselves.

We should nationalize pension and retirement funds, and put ALL on the SAME retirement (SS) and health care (Medicare). Maybe not, but either way, criminals are running this country and we're nearing the end game. China bailed out the Euro, again, but it's only a short term fix. The sovereign debt crisis is coming to a currency near you, perhaps sooner than anticipated, which would be an ironic twist of fate for those who caused it. Make no mistake, insiders are getting their funds out, and putting them into hard assets, while the music is still playing. Politicians and highly compensated civil servants are only interesting in maintaining status quo as long as possible, because when payment is due, we either collapse into a police state or we reorganize everyone's pensions, or both.

Indicted financier raised millions - State -

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