Thursday, December 29, 2011


In response to, CNN POLL IS COMPLETE & UTTER BULLSHIT « The Burning Platform

I saw the poll and there’s a +- 4.5% margin of error, so it really shows the moderate Romney in a tie with a candidate only getting a split conservative vote. After Tue, that conservative vote will be less divided, and TPTB are going to have to pull a rabbit out of their arse to stop Paul, or present a more viable conservative candidate.

They REALLY don’t want Paul, but it’s simple, either nominate Paul, or split the conservative vote and re-elect Obama.

Be careful what you pray for, all hell will break loose if/when Paul gets the election, and God help him if he wins. That’s when the battle with the entrenched special interests begins. The longer we put off reform, the longer we delay any hope for an economic recovery.

Lower taxes and lower spending is the ONLY way to an improved economy. Anyone who thinks otherwise can pull out a checkbook and pay for $203T in unfunded entitlements. They can’t, there’s no way, and thus reform is the ONLY way. We can implement reform orderly, or chaotically, but either way, it’s going to happen. I would rather a reformer be in the White House when it happens. The hell with the bureaucrats and special interests in Washington. Carter was the last president to take them own. Reagan just rolled over and each succeeding president has been progressively worse.

God help us in this time of trial and tribulation.

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