Thursday, April 19, 2012

NET SOBER? « The Burning Platform

There aren't enough FEMA buses and camps that will hold every US dissident when SHTF. I would suspect the continental gitmo camps are for rounding up enemy combatants during any hostility, not trying to find names on a list. Now, once picked up, yeah, they might match the name to a list.

I've done all the interim prepping I need to for the moment, and could survive 2-3 months of just about anything except CBR (NBC in my day). Anything beyond that and we're pretty much back to 19th century technology for sustenance, for which I'm ill-prepared even with heirloom seeds.

The Devil is the god of this world (II Cor 4:4) and we can't defeat him, which won't happen until Revelation 20:7, which is after the devil has been sealed in a pit for a thousand years. However can destroy his works. "The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil." (1 John 3:8b).

I mention these scriptures because we can't defeat Satan of our own accord, it requires putting our faith in God. By all means, prepare with every means at your disposal. The enemy is cunning, but he is not all powerful. If we put our faith in God, as our forefathers did in the founding of this country, then we may wrest it once again from the grasp of the adversary, whatever it takes.

It didn't take long after the founding until the New York banksters got their hand in the till. This time around, they can either remove it, which is doubtful, or have it cut off, which I will willingly oblige.

NET SOBER? « The Burning Platform

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