Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breaking News!!!!!

Breaking News!!!!!

I don't think it's because she can't win. More to the point, I think she sees the writing on the wall regarding federal spending, which has been exponentially increasing since the end of WWII, to the point we're on the leading vertical edge and the federal bureaucracy is addicted to it.

Any cuts in federal spending is going to hurt the states first, just like services and cutting vacant positions are the first to be cut in the state's budget.

The federal government is going to resist this changing paradigm as long as possible, unless someone like Ron Paul is elected first. It's too bad the shell game being played by the feds won't be seen until January 2013, when $2.4T in automatic cuts are required, which even then are back loaded to the end of ten years, if they even occur at all. The feds will lose their ability to borrow $$ and will shut down before that happens, meaning SS checks won't go out. That's the reality of the fed's situation.

The reality of the state's situation is less dire, but dependence on the fed's must be cut to zero. Governnor Perdue is a darling of the Obama Administration, because she knows her place. Easley presided over cutting the state's budget and checked out. Perdue has done it once, and she doesn't want to do it again with the Repubs having redrawn the districts and most likely will retain the Legislature. Heck, even Brad Miller is quiting rather than campaign in a new district. Barney Franks did the same thing in KA.

Bev is quiting, pure and simple, because the liberals can't have it their way. The socialist welfare state is dying a slow painful death, and it must be hard to wake up to the realization it's all been a charade.

Quitting is what progressive liberals, who are neither progressive nor liberal, do when the gig is up. It's for the best anyway.

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