Friday, January 27, 2012

I was spoiled. My first Presidential vote was cast for Ronald Wilson Reagan - Page 2

I was spoiled. My first Presidential vote was cast for Ronald Wilson Reagan

Reagan was the first progressive POTUS in the country, and each succeeding Administration has been progressively worse!

Let me explain. I remember Reagan clearly stating "Government is the problem" and "It's not a revenue problem, it's a spending problem". How and why is it deficit spending began to balloon under Reagan? And yes, I know there was a Democratic controlled Congress. Even so, can anyone not consider him a failure, and every POTUS after him?

Jimmy Carter was the last best POTUS this country has had. I'm basing this on the honesty and integrity of the individual. He was the last POTUS to take on the federal bureaucracy.

Ron Paul has promised to cut spending $1T his first year in office. It will be disruptive economically, but it's a necessary remedy to the out of control deficit spending by the feds. No one wants their piece of the pie touched, but there won't be anything left if and when the federal government shuts down, hyperinflation ensues, or a deflationary depression. Take your pick, because that's what the Reagan legacy has left us.

Romney is the poster child of everything wrong with our economy. I would vote for Gingrich over Romney, and Paul over Gingrich. That, and vote every incumbent out of office. Eventually they'll get the idea, it's we the people, not we, the special interests, if it's not too late, already.

Yeah, and let's talk budgets. The $2.4T in automatic spending cuts due to be implemented in January 2013 are structured to occur over 10 years, and much of that occurs at the end of 10 years.

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