Monday, January 2, 2012

GAME OF $200 OIL CHESS « The Burning Platform

In response to, GAME OF $200 OIL CHESS « The Burning Platform

Ahmadinejad has nothing to lose and everything to gain by standing up to the infidels, even at the expense of his countrymen. He's fighting a Jihad, and regional war in the Middle East strikes at the heart of the West.

I don't know what is motivating the neo cons. It would seem they're setting up the Middle East as a hundred years war. Wars on poverty, communism, drugs, terrorism, and now the American people have only been excuses to spend vast sums of money and create a federal bureaucracy that has taken on a life of it's own. The neo cons see a never ending war in the Middle East as the key to their being able to spend as much money as they like on military expenditures, regardless of the outcome of next years election. The federal bureaucracy is an enterprise intent on it's own propagation in perpetuity, and war, in the feeble minds of those who subsist on the public teat, is surest way to accomplish that, basically a distraction while other nefarious actions are taking place to secure status quo and enslave man. It reminds me of a Springsteen song.

This will be an interested year with the US presidential elections, and the Mayan spiritual bullshit. War in the Middle East would send the world into a tailspin. Better just the threat of war, for now. It's almost reassuring to see the lengths to which TPTB will go to protect their own interest, and to see them expending so much effort. In the end, freedom will prevail.

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