Monday, January 2, 2012


In response to, DON’T BELIEVE THE ENERGY SPIN « The Burning Platform

I talk to a number of people who believe energy independence would be an economic boon for the US, considering we've made a lot of middle eastern very wealthy, not to mention the oil supplies of Venezuela and Russia

Why is it that through no virtue of their own, the top one tenth of one percent are allowed to accumulate a disproportionate share of the fruits of production, that the last time it occurred in early twentieth century it resulted in a depression, and the same thing is happening again?

In the early twentieth century, most people lived on farms. Today, the catastrophic effect of a breakdown in the supply chain caused by a lack of available fuel would be devastating, with billions of people starving. Again, there is the analogy of Icarus, that without regard for the fact the ground was fading from view, he flew higher and higher.

There are plenty of think tanks contemplating a reactionary perspective of what happens if certain scenarios play out. How many are focused on preventative measures? In other words, why is history repeating itself with regards to wealth accumulation? Is it truly the "natural" order of things? That's far too easy an explanation. Jobs didn't "naturally" wander off to exploit cheap labor overseas. It's by design. Responsibility should be required of all capitalists, even if it hurts. When the driving force behind corporate decision making is to maximize value for the shareholders, the top one tenth of one percent, including making bribes and influencing the US Congress, then there is no other outcome than self destruction. It's only when accountability is required of those in a position of authority that there can be any other outcome.

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