Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul - Everyone But Mittens Kick Rocks - Survivalist Forum

Ron Paul - Everyone But Mittens Kick Rocks - Survivalist Forum

Ron Paul is the only alternative to the establishment candidates in either party, so it's understandable that support from the other candidates is going to Romney.

The GOP has to decide whether they want to win the election in 2012, because the nuclear option for Paul is to run as an independent. This really isn't about partisan politics for TPTB, but about maintaining status quo, Obama is a better choice than Paul.

There are two decision points, whether the establishment is willing to keep Obama by not nominating Paul, who may run as an independent, and whether Paul is willing to hand the election to Obama by running as an independent.

My feeling is it's more important to keep an establishment candidate than allow a Constitutionalist to take office, so it becomes an anybody but Paul election.

Since the people supposedly have a voice in the primaries, even though the establishment money is going to Romney, their choice, too, is likely to be Romney, because in reality, they're scared and unsure of what happens when you take away the nanny state, which is going away anyway, to be replaced potentially by a police state.

A lack of an agreement in Congress over a debt ceiling hike could work in Paul's favor. The dysfunction in Congress would become apparent and emphasize the need for bureaucratic reform. Other opportunities for exposing the hypocrisy are the next time the debt ceiling is breached projected for September/October, a failure to reach agreement on another extension of the Bush tax cuts in February, or another crack appear in the global financial system. All of which could occur too late to help Paul's chances. The status quo has held it together thus far. I like the idea of putting the pressure on them to keep it together until the fall election before the wheels come off. Anything less and Paul could be elected as an independent, or elections postponed under martial law.

Unfortunately, there are too few who recognize the futility of maintaining status quo and too few who realize the path to freedom is to dismantle to federal bureaucracy and enact entitlement reforms. That is, too few until it's too late, and we'll see Greek style riots or worse over the worsening economic conditions. That is not to say there wouldn't be economic disruptions under a Paul Administration, that is inevitable. The difference is the bureaucracy will be causing the disruptions to thwart Paul's efforts at reform.

It's ironic that by choosing the establishment candidate over Paul, the GOP will be handing the election to the other establishment candidate, Obama, if Paul chooses to run as an independent. It also demonstrates the power of the establishment to choose candidates using the media, and the reluctance of the American people to take responsibility for their own lives and think for themselves. The freedom of speech argument for allowing unlimited PAC money, should have been used against it, because it silences the voice of the individual in favor of corporate facism, much like the deafening silence we hear in Congress over raising the debt ceiling within the next few days.

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