Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Burr’s position on unemployment renewal gets national attention

Extending unemployment benefits would be one thing, if the federal government wasn’t borrowing money to pay it! Or asking north carolina families and businesses to foot the bill.

I didn’t know you liberals have so much money that you can afford to give it away, except it isn’t really you’re money, is it?

What are you going to tell the future generations of US Taxpayers why they aren’t able to accumulate anything to their own name, because their government was more intent on paying people not to work, than rewarding those who do.

High unemployment is a symptom of a much larger problem, which began by sending textile jobs overseas and continued with hiring millions of illegals to work in the housing construction industry. Government should be working to restore balance to our economy. Instead, they’re printing money to maintain solvency for the very institutions that got us into this mess, with the collusion of our elected representatives in the US Congress, and at the direction of an unaccountable Federal Reserve. Do you think financiers or the US Congress care one whit about the unemployment rate? Only as it pertains to reelection. Otherwise, our jobs wouldn’t have gone overseas and to illegals. It’s laughable that they care now, except it’s not their money, it’s future generations who will be paying it. I’ll be interested to see how you explain that one to your grandchildren. I know how the financiers will be explaining it to theirs.

Think Progress � Will Richard Burr Vote To Help Thousands Of Suffering Unemployed North Carolinians?

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