Monday, August 2, 2010

billy blog � Blog Archive � The old line back to free market ideology still intact

billy blog � Blog Archive � The old line back to free market ideology still intact

Thank you for the graduate level education in what has been going on in the halls of high finance over the course of the past 10 years, bringing about the collapse of western civilization as we know it, but having it's roots, no doubt, in the likes of Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist. It's astounding that less than 60 years after the end of the civil war, and the consolidation of power in the US Government, that the world slid into a global depression, and here we are 70 years after the war to end all wars having slid into a second global depression.

If I understand the article's conclusion correctly, then the sovereign debt of the US is insignificant compared to the consequences without increased federal spending. Even so, there's a tipping point at which public sector spending crowds out private spending. And, to whom does the benefit of all of this spending accrue? I would prefer to teach a man to fish so that he might have to provide for himself and his family, than to dole out unemployment benefits. Has the pendulum swung so far in preserving the financial institutions which caused the collapse, along with the complicity of the federal government, that equilibrium with the private sector cannot be re-attained?

The important thing, I think, is to reduce federal spending and reduce taxes to return the American economy back to the private sector. Aside from the Fed and Treasury's unfailing errancy and inability to acknowledge the failure of their collective world view, our federal government is still operating in a vacuum of denial. They figure as long as they can print and spend, the barbarian hordes will be kept at bay. The defense of the dollars they count on to fund their own retirement is their only motivation, which makes peculiar bedfellows of politicians and financiers. In the meantime, state governments are struggling to balance their budgets. with 11 states meeting the definition of bankrupt, and federal deficit spending continues it's upward trajectory. This imbalance and lack of parity between Washington and the rest of the country could very well lead to a second American Revolution. The economy can not be centrally managed, this has been proven time and again. The longer the delay in returning the economy to the people, by cutting spending and taxes, i.e. shrink the federal government by any means necessary, the longer it will be before a recovery begins, and the more severe will be the consequences.

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