Monday, September 6, 2010

TOP 10 NECESSITIES WHEN TSHTF � The Burning Platform

Don’t forget the TP. Seriously, ordinary items you buy every day at the grocery store have expiration dates months out. There’s no excuse for anyone not having a 2 -3 weeks supply of food in the house, 2-3 months would be better, or even a 6 mos supply.

For dairy and other items, powdered milk, eggs, and cheese can be stored for many years.

Emergency and evacuation kits can contain MRE’s, enough for 2 -3 days for car emergency kits, and 2 – 3 weeks for evacuation kits. Include blankets, light sticks, ponchos, etc.

Water is extremely important, the stainless steel Big Berkey is a good choice.

Add guns, ammo, and firearms training, and your chances of surviving a SHTF scenario have increased significantly.

For an extended TEOTWAWKI, you will need the means and ability to produce food, essentially hunting and gathering. Small farms will be the primary food source, not the grocery store. Better to prepare now, than find out how unprepared you are after SHTF.

BTW, can’t disagree with the whimper, not a bang argument. But, if a whimper continues long enough, it can grow to a roar, which is, basically a recovery. It’s when the whimpering stops that you have cause for concern.

Also, I agree with the “Say good-bye to the middle class” sentiment. There is no recovery without jobs. Jobs that have been sent overseas over the past two decades, and outsourced to immigrants. Stimulus spending and unemployment benefits won’t bring back the jobs without an investment in infrastructure. Investment occurs when taxes are cut.

Mr. Obama, cut taxes and cut spending now, so that the private sector can begin to dig itself out of the hell hole Investment Banking, Congress, and the current and previous Administration have created.

TOP 10 NECESSITIES WHEN TSHTF � The Burning Platform

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