Thursday, October 14, 2010

THE SURGE IS WORKING � The Burning Platform

"No improvement"? How about a complete and total disaster. $20T in the can, and the economy hasn’t budged, which proves the system has gotten so skewed that trickle down only goes into some very down pockets. Only by breaking the system can the real economy be restored.

The US outsourced jobs to jurisdictions that allow exploitation of the proletariat, and the US worker and our economy have been left holding the bag. After strip mining the US economy of jobs and raiding the national treasury, what is left besides record bonuses on wall street? I’m not so much interested in what is left, than what can be clawed back or otherwise reappropriated from these thieves.

The high crimes and treason couldn’t have been perpetrated without the collusion of the US Congress, and it may very well require an all out war to exact retribution. With no hope in sight, how long will it be before civil unrest becomes the order of the day. Let’s hope against hope the remedy isn’t a restriction of liberty, but a restoration of such as guaranteed by the US Constitution and a return to providing the common defense and promoting the general weal, instead of providing a safe harbor for terrorists and voting themselves raises and other perks and benefits every other day.

THE SURGE IS WORKING � The Burning Platform

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