Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Musings on Money « The Burning Platform

The world's population has risen to a level unsustainable without the highest level of efficiency. If the supply chain is disrupted, or when resources inevitably deplete, the population will return to sustainable levels by war, disease, or starvation. Because resources tend to be regionally consumed, a depletion of resources necessary for survival would inevitable lead to war.

A population can be sustained through a system of distribution, but when that distribution system is overwhelmed, civil order breaks down until an equilibrium is reached between supply and demand.

What will be the black swan event that erupts our world order into chaos. As long as basic needs are being met, the distribution of wealth can continue to stratify, and the wealth gap continue to grow. It's when basic needs aren't met that people will take to the streets.

There won't be any Great Society legislation that will appease the masses, because the feds won't have any means at their disposal with which to provide it. Thus a restructuring of society will be necessary, or a police state. We didn't choose one in the sixties, and I honestly don't see us choosing one this time around, God willing.

God bless and happy household holidays to all!

Christmas Musings on Money « The Burning Platform

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