Tuesday, January 25, 2011

War on Cops: The Shot Heard Round the World? « The Burning Platform

StuckInNJ – the local constabulary has traditionally been the maintainers of the status quo. That job was taken over by federal agencies during the depression, namely the FBI, to combat interstate and organized crime. John Dellinger is the famous example of depression era populist heroes taken down by the feds.

While the local sheriff may be the jack booted thug marching to the order of the regionally affluent, the feds march to a higher authority and don’t bother themselves with crowd control.

All of the pieces are in place for an authoritarian police state. Local cops are the lowest pawns in the game, and if SHTF, they have no departmental contingency plans for dealing with it, Why should they? Most will not report to work, but take care of their families. The Guard will be called in to restore order and man distribution centers.

Another scenario would be what is described in this article, a systemic breakdown in social order due high unemployment and inflation. Local authorities aren’t stupid and they’re going to do what they have to do protect themselves, even if it mean long incident response times.

In either of these scenarios, the crime rate goes up as social order declines. I see it in my area, as I’m sure everyone does. If you don’t, maybe you’re part of the problem.

For the rest of civil society, as order declines, it will be become more important to provide one’s protection.

War on Cops: The Shot Heard Round the World? « The Burning Platform

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