Saturday, May 28, 2011

Perdue rips into Republicans' budget - Politics -

Governor Perdue is fighting a losing battle, which, even if she wins, the war is lost. The large trend across all states is rising budget gaps. The next two years will see municipalities and states declaring bankrupt, while an already bankrupt federal government will attempt to bail them out. Perdue should be working with the majority leadership in the General Assembly to reduce the size of State Government across the board, as quickly as possible.

The surest and quickest way to cut payroll, the largest single cost factor in State Government, is to early retire all retirement eligible employees. This serves two purposes, immediately reduces the payroll by the largest margin possible, without reducing services, and makes room for new and entry level hires to fill in the gaps, thereby raising the State's employment rate.

Instead, Beverly "do as I say, not as I do" Perdue seems intent on iterating the worn out mantra of the socialist welfare state, which is crumbling on a global scale, and willing to go down fighting, instead of helping to brought about a new world order. The survival of our state depends on getting our fiscal house in order, or there will be a new breed of carpet bagger coming to call, global corporatists. Another risk is the confiscation of the State's pension fund.

Cowell should be buying physical gold and silver, like the university of Texas has done. We'll need it to back our own currency, like Utah is preparing to do.

Cooper should be pursuing mortgage fraud, instead of looking the other way, as the other 49 state attorneys general are doing.

The collapse of the US Dollar is no small matter, and our state should be doing everything it can to extricate itself from the grasp of the federal government, the most bloated and corrupt government in the history of the world, instead of Perdue's complicity.

Rising food and fuel prices, and sovereign debt is causing a global epidemic of civil unrest. We can avoid it in our own communities by eliminating socialist welfare spending, cutting taxes in order to create jobs in the private sector, and reigning in power of government. The other alternative is a police state. Which will you choose? There are those who would prefer a police state, most of those participated in the civil rights movement, and would support a police state as a means of furthering their own agenda. Most reasoning people would choose individual liberty, which means limiting the power of the state, and is the basis upon which the US Constitution was written. The TSA is allowed to violate the 4th amendment prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure, now the State of Illinois allows police to enter a person's house without probable cause. As a nation and a society, we must reverse the tide of the police state, and assume responsibility for ourselves, including the elimination of the welfare state. Welfare and Police state go hand in hand, again, which will you choose, as the choice is each person's individually, and collectively at the ballot box. You and I decide, and in the immortal words of Patrick Henry spoken in 1775, "Give me liberty, or give me death".

The power of government resides not in the states, as was decided by the war between the states. It remains to be seen whether it will reside in the people.

Perdue rips into Republicans' budget - Politics -

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