Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DID YOU NOTICE? « The Burning Platform

Gun ownership has been a major thorn in the side for the New World Order, realizing they won’t take anything by force, they resorted to offshoring and outsourcing. Having confiscated gold, once, it won’t be successful a second time, except to make criminals of otherwise law abiding citizens.

Now it is being uncovered the US has been arming and training mexican drug cartels, for what one can only surmise to hollow out the Mexican state, for oil and ostensibly and base of operations for excursions into the US from the southern border, since it would be ludicrous for US troops to act against their own citizens.

These denizens of the US Intelligence community owe no loyalty to anyone or anything except money and drugs, and use gang violence as the means to the end.

After Administrator’s warnings yesterday about this forum being monitored, my response, too, is fuck’em, bring it on. When you have nothing less to lose, you lose it. As the social contract continues it’s disorderly disintegration, the 30 blocks of squalor will become a war zone. Add armed and trained gangs running up the interstates, it won’t be long until martial law is imposed, and firearms being seized in the name of maintaining order, just not the kind of order afforded free citizens.

A collapse of the Euro would bring a flight to safety in US Treasury bills, perhaps buying two more years before the US defaults on it’s obligations.

These events are too well coordinated to be random, and too well orchestrated to be the work of one individual or group of individuals. This leaves one entity, the Devil, as responsible for the mayhem and destruction we are currently witnessing. I encourage each individual to make up their own mind to follow the path of righteousness, and not follow after the agents of destruction. The same methods by which Satan is seeking to undermine all of mankind, can be employed to disarm him. Civil disobedience is what is required. Do not do the bidding of Satan, but follow after your own heart, and live as children of the light, not of darkness. Be willing to do whatever is necessary to thwart the will of Satan, and follow after God’s own heart, and in the continual blessing and truth of his eternal Word.

DID YOU NOTICE? « The Burning Platform

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