Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's your plan.... - Part 6

[QUOTE=Ringo;224794][SIZE=3][FONT=Georgia]Big brother could care less about the small stuff.[/FONT][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

No doubt, however, wide scale civil unrest and economic collapse scenarios are part of the Pentagon's strategic planning. I have nothing to hide. There isn't anything that can be said on this forum that isn't already part of their planning. Yeah, they can trace IP addresses, etc, but they're after the guys printing their own money, and stuff that challenges their world system.

Remember how expensive long distance telephone service used to be? Well, back in the early days of silicon valley, those guys had a device that would basically steal long distance service by hacking the automated switches through the use of dial tones. Getting caught with one of the those devices was punishable by up to life in prison. For what, stealing long distance service?

Corporations own the government, and want to own us. Not unlike the leaders of the temple in Jesus' day, or the artisans in Ephesus who wanted to stone Paul for preaching God. Any challenge to their racket. Well, their racket is coming to an end, of their own doing. Yet, they would maintain status quo at any cost, including the starvation of whole populations of people.

This is what we'll be seeing over the next year, potentially here in the US. This is what the government is planning for, and every person should be planning for as well, being as self sufficient as possible. Buying a little extra food each week, rotating stock, and planning for the possibility of a disruption in the supply chain. Water filtration, home defense, and all of the things necessary to sustain life, should it become untenable to venture out to procure these items. I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does, my guns are the only thing between me and being robbed and killed, so it's highly unlikely I would willingly give them up, any more than anything else I've gathered for my own survival.

My plan is to survive the first few weeks, or months of any civil unrest or economic collapse. In fact, an armed militia is a better defense against civil unrest than all the strategic planning in the Pentagon lumped together. Civil unrest is going to occur in pockets of poverty that were formed by the creation of the welfare state in the first place, and aren't going away until the welfare state ends, anyway. So, it's their problem, not mine from the start. With god's help, I'll take care of myself.

That's enough for today, cheers and god bless!

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