Thursday, November 17, 2011

NC gov, GOP at odds over severance significance

All except Paul. He's the only one with a message that both parties should embrace. They won't, so endless inflation is our future. No one will be able to afford anything, including basic necessities. It's time to throw the federalistas out of office, and return government to the people. Unless you like the way the country is being run. If you do, get out your checkbook, the bill that is due is $202 T, including unfunded federal liabilities. As bad as things are, they're worse for the rest of the world. It's time for the US to take a leadership role against the banksters.

If you think otherwise, you're entitled to you're opinion, but you're being fooled. The Tea Party and OWS are indications neither the left nor the right are happy with being shafted by powerful interests in Washington. We CAN win the protest, not on the street but at the ballot box by electing Ron Paul as an Independent Candidate for POTUS, unless you think the GOP will nominate him as their candidate. Yeah, right! And Donald Duck is a cute cartoon character with a beak. Yeah, they might, but if they don't, this isn't over. Neither are the Tea Party or OWS protests.

Wake up, people! Both sides are being shafted by powerful interests in Washington, the seat of world power.

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