Friday, June 15, 2012

Compassion – Killer of Society? « The Burning Platform

Socialism doesn't work as an economic system because it's removes the incentive to work. Communism is a form of government where there is the party, 2% of the population in the USSR, who are the priviledged, and everyone else is on their own. It seems to work just fine until the population has had enough and cast off the yoke of bondage. Russia now has elections, and it may be enough that people have a vote.

Socialism still doesn't work anywhere. We're seeing the result of it in Europe. I believe it's a global war of attrition, and the US has a better than even chance of winning. So the US wins, like Stalin in Soviet Russia. He still starved tens of millions. The Trans Pacific Pact is an out of control federal bureaucracy's latest attempt to sell out the sovereignty of this nation and conspire with global elements to enslave and subjugate the population of the entire world. Sounds like a game plan out of Satans play book, with the State Department leading the effort.

Compassion – Killer of Society? « The Burning Platform

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