Wednesday, July 10, 2013

9 Plagues That Are Collapsing Capitalism

9 Plagues That Are Collapsing Capitalism

LL, horsefuckingshit, Capitalism is NOT a pure system, anymore than are free markets.

Capitalism is all about the exploitation of markets and resources. Governance is required to hold business accountable for everything they fuck up, i.e. the environment, people's health, etc.

It's only too bad government failed in their oversight responsibility, and became accomplices.

We will have a choice after a day of reckoning, a society modeled on individual freedom as the founders intended, or a police state. It should be a simple choice; police state = central planning = slavery; decentralization = free markets = accountability = liberty. We know who is in control now. What remains to be seen is how long they can maintain it.

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