Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Correct, the issue before the Senate Judiciary Committee and addressed in S. 987: Free Flow of Information Act of 2013 defines who is a journalist and whether they can be compelled to throw anyone under the bus, which is essentially unconstitutional as I understand the First Amendment.

Those whore mongers in CONUS must know more and better than I do. Likewise, the purpose of the USCON being to provide protection of the people from the state. It only stands to reason a fascist police state would seek to refine or otherwise restrict those protections.

The entire proposition is preposterous, and only further evidence the federal government is completely out of control, propped up solely by the USD. Enjoy the ride, reversion to the mean is a bitch, and every day brings us closer to a day of reckoning, postponed only being QE to infinity.

The world is poised at the precipice of destruction, and the dawn of a new day of truly free information. One can cast themselves into the void, sit and stare at it, or move away from the edge. CONUS has chosen to sit and stare, after all, why not, and has given us this shit stained piece of legislation which can only be surpassed in meaninglessness by renaming post offices.

Why not throw money at every problem in existence, when the government is merely printing it digitally and has rendered work product meaningless? I would rather they mint a $100T coin, pay off the debt, pass a balanced budget amendment, eliminate the income tax, and bring the troops home. That last part may not be realistic. If we weren't running clandestine operations, the enemy would. It may also not be realistic to eliminate the income tax, however, the least the feds can do is hold those accountable who do harm, and even prevent it. Instead, we have a culture brought to us by those who would anoint themselves master, and who would tell us who is afforded constitutional rights, and who isn't.

I, too, will stand with Admin in the Halls of Anarchy. May God have mercy on our souls.


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