Friday, February 20, 2015

Do you REALLY need that ham license?

Self-sufficiency comes in many forms and what you're describing, over-population and lack of economic opportunity, is pervasive everywhere. Welcome to global depression 2.0. In nature, over-population is a self-correcting condition.

You're self taught and have critical thinking skills. I would make the best of the present situation while you can.

Unfortunately, whether or not you believe the bible, things aren't going to get better anytime soon. At least not if TPTB have anything to do with it. They're too greedy. So, if those in power won't lift a finger to help the plight of man, what hope is there? Only one, to resist, and it comes back to self-sufficiency. It doesn't help that you're stuck on a prison island with little chance of escape. It sounds like you're already making the best of your circumstances.

If you believe the bible, then there's that hope, too. Either way, the world is what it is, and there isn't too much anyone can do about. On a local scale, there's lot's you can do regarding building community.

I can't help but think Australia is a legacy of the British feudal system, with much the same problems, made worse by over-crowding and socialist policies. The natural end of these dynamics will be simply wide scale riots, starvation, and death, thereby correcting the population problems and the big reset. If the problems are, there are too many people for too few jobs, there are three alternative, providing social welfare, which we've seen only creates generations of dependence. Providing more jobs, or culling the population. I think we're headed for the big cull. But we'll see.

Keep your head down, Freax, which may be difficult, depending on what you meant by your height being a detriment to employment.

Do you REALLY need that ham license?:

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