Sunday, June 12, 2016

Venezuela: A Real SHTF Situation

Gil, I respect and value your opinion, and as such will not "push" a "religious" agenda on your board. I'm thankful for the resource, and fellowship the board offers.

My point about a knowledge of the truth isn't so much about knowing right from wrong, it's about knowing who is the enemy.

There have been plenty of decent and good people in positions of authority to have effected change for the better, including the founding fathers of the USA, their efforts embodied in the US Constitution. The Bill of Rights, without which there wouldn't be a US Constitution, defends the liberty we enjoy in the US and shines as a beacon of freedom around the world. The US is unique in this regard. As Greece goes, so do we all, or Venezuela, the Ukraine, Syria or any of the other "vassal" state in the global conflict for hegemony, even China or Russia for that matter. In fact, as the US goes, so do we all. In this Orwellian world in which we live, there may or may not be any absolutes, but most people can generally agree on the basic differences between right and wrong, which should be neither relative, nor subjective. The US constitution is a good starting point.

John Maynard Keynes, whom everyone loves to vilify, had it right. Government should spend money during economic downturns, and contract during upturns. Governments around the world forget the second part of this theory. The correction of which will be the mother of all super cycles. The central banks have had quite a run with their fiat money, since the 18th century and leading up to the American Revolution. Crypto currency is the only viable alternative on the horizon. Precious metals are too susceptible to physical supply and demand. Crypto currency can't be controlled, and can be transmitted at the speed of light. It could spell the end of governments, which won't be able to collect a bounty on it. Hence, too, the war on cash.

We all want the same thing, to live at peace with our neighbors inasmuch as it is possible.

I wish you the best in your endeavors. Having grown up on the coast of North Carolina and visit often, I would like to own a sailboat one day. A 25' Catalina would be perfect for day sailing and fits on a trailer. I don't see myself bugging out on one, although they will get you out of dodge. One issue I see with them is defense.

I love to camp. Since we visit the coast quite often, the camping we do is usually in the Appalachian Mountains. My go box is ready to go, or rather, it will be once I resolve some sound card issues. Linux isn't the easiest OS to setup USB rig control and audio. The issue as I see it, is the same USB port is used for both. I'm not sure how to resolve it, but I have some resources I'm looking into. Once it's definitively resolved, I plan to post the information somewhere. For now, it's not a minor annoyance.

Not to hijack the thread, There's no question or doubt whose fingerprints are all over Venezuela. The vultures are only waiting to devour the carcass, the same as Mexico and all of Latin and South America. Otherwise, it's business as usual. Nothing to see here, move along. On the other hand, unless and until the Tea Party and Occupy Movement recognize they have a common enemy in the status quo of the American two party system, they're going to continue to get beat at the polls, as one side is continually played against the other. Yes, there is a shadow government. Rather than compromise with the GOP establishment, I would rather Trump choose Bernie Sanders as his running mate. Not only would it guarantee an election victory, but actually smooth things over with Congress, since Sanders can grease the skids. Then maybe, we would see some real change. Otherwise it will be 4 more years of an accelerated march toward globalism and one world government, and as the US goes, so do we all.

All the best to all, cheers!

Venezuela: A Real SHTF Situation:

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