Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perdue slices budget; GOP says go deeper

NotLiberal, please don't pretend public sector employment hasn't been pretty much recession proof since the end of the WWII. Face the reality that our economy is not improving, and this time around public employees aren't immune. The root of the problem is out of control federal spending, which has effectively crowded out the private sector.

The best thing our State can do to prepare in this new reality is to wind down all but essential services. At best, we're looking at a long term reduction in state revenue.
We're in a period of high unemployment and rising costs, while wages remain flat. The last time this occurred was during the Nixon/Ford/Carter administrations. The solution then was to begin spending more and more beginning with Reagan. Now we're in the same fix, and we can't spend our way out of it.

The long term solution is to cut spending and lower taxes. The longer it takes for our governments at the federal and state levels to get it, the longer it will take for our economy to recover, and the longer it will take for revenues to improve. Our state and federal governments are in the denial stage at the moment, and with Nobama and helicopter Ben at the helm, we may not avoid the shoals.

Perdue slices budget; GOP says go deeper - State -

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