Thursday, February 3, 2011

Perdue slices budget; GOP says go deeper - State -

70 years of federal deficit spending caused this crisis and every administration has sunk us deeper in the hole. Carter was the last president to take on the federal bureaucracy, since then, it's been give me what I want, I'll give you what you want, which has lead to an exponentially increasing deficit, and yes, Nobama is worse than Bushie.

Riots on the streets of Cairo isn't going to be the end of global turmoil. Pakistan is likely to be the next. It's hard to fathom the amount of aid it's going to take to prevent starvation on a epic scale. North Carolinians can do their part by tightening the austerity belt, because it's going to get ugly. We can wind down all but essential services gracefully, are all at once in a crash, but either way we're headed for a long term decrease in our standard of living causes by 300% increases in CEO pay over the last 10 years, while worker wages have remained the same. Now inflation in the US is bumping along at 5 - 8% per year, while the price of rice will double over of the next year.

The long term solution to increase revenues is to cut spending and cut taxes, which will allow the economy to recover. Yet, we also have to address a host of other issues, which are simply being ignored. This solution is getting longer term with every increase in deficit spending by our federal government, wherein lays the problem. If we can't reign in federal deficit spending, which may not be possible after 2008, we're going down one of two paths, individual freedom or an authoritarian world government. It's up to you and I, and it starts with cutting spending and taxes at home.

Perdue slices budget; GOP says go deeper - State -

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