Friday, July 13, 2012

LIFE, LIBERTY, PROPERTY « The Burning Platform

Ron Paul is the best candidate to lead this country through the shit storm which is bound to happen. Barritt Obamney will sell us out like a cheap suit.

It won't happen because a vote for Paul requires admitting the current system is doomed to fail. The statist quo would rather see a police state maintain federal central planning than own up to it's own failure. No doubt the banksters will be the scape goats, while the root of the problem lies in the US Congress, which is the same body which gave us the Fed to line their own pockets. We were doomed when we went off the gold standard without a balanced budget amendment to prevent out of control federal spending.

I, as most of you, will not go quietly into that dark night. Unfortunately, there are those who are just as passionate about bringing about our downfall. Perhaps it would be best to help them along. I considered at one point that was the intent of Reagan and GWB, to spend the liberals out of existence. I'm not sure that was their goal, but it will be the consequence, regardless.

God help us all.

LIFE, LIBERTY, PROPERTY « The Burning Platform

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