Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BLACK PEOPLE & GUN CONTROL « The Burning Platform

LLPOH, so, I was wrong, how does that make me a douche bag?

I’m not even sure I know what pulling oneself up by their bootstraps means, well, yes, I do.

However, I detect a bit of resentment toward your fellow Amercan Indians. I will also admit I missed the thread about your being a native american, you have my respect, as well.

I’m sure you have a foundation, or a school, which you’ve setup to show other native amercans the way of free enterprise. You don’t have to guess whether what you call charity, which is actually government handouts, have destroyed the underclasses. So, while you were chasing profit in the two or three most prosperous decades the world has ever seen, and making millions, the federal government has effectively been undermining our entire society, essentially turning it into one big reservation, from sea to shining sea. And you went along, we all have.

Back to my point about paying your employees an equitable bonus, profit is profit, and should be equitably shared, dollar for dollar. Even an MBA should be able to figure that one out.

So, to recap, I’m calling you out on “real” charity, what have you done, since I don’t know, maybe a lot, maybe just your family, which is cool, or maybe nothing, which I’ll take at face value. And to whom do you think profit belongs?

I’ll ignore the other hateful BS. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. I’m also going to refrain from using the word douchebag, although ass hat has a nice ring to it, I don’t want to get off topic.

BLACK PEOPLE & GUN CONTROL « The Burning Platform

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