Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The emperor revealed to be naked is the Devil, and he's just as dangerous naked as clothed, just a lot less left to the imagination.

It's absurd that the US military would be practicing firing exercises over a major US city, even using blanks, except that gang violence has infiltrated everywhere, but that doesn't require a military response.

It's more likely that the PTB know the gig is up, and are preparing for the eventuality of widespread civil unrest. Europe is already in a depression, the Great Recession has already lasted longer than the Great Depression, which took a world war for the economy to break the cycle given the failed government policies of the era. One might argue the depression of the 1930's was an inevitable result of the creation of the fed in 1913, made possible by the centralization of power in the US that occurred after the US Civil War that ended in 1864. Since decentralization is what will be required to break the cycle this time around, a second US civil war may be necessary.

The gig was up when the feds figured why tax and spend, onerous enough in an of itself, and began borrowing and spending under Reagan. There were foreign policy considerations at the time, especially with regard to the Cold War, but haven't all "wars" since the end of WWII been a pretext for government spending?

The gig is up, but not for the US citizen. The end is nigh for the banksters, politicians, and corrupt bureaucrats running the world's governments. What is not clear is who will emerge victorious, the common man or the global elite via a police state and one world government, or currency.

A crisis in government funding became a crisis in democracy which became a crisis in capitalism, which can be traced back to 1911 with the federal income tax, 1913 and the federal reserve act, each having it's roots in the civil war, which was waged by the federal government for the sole purpose of securing revenue. We see how well that has proceeded, none of which can be reconciled with the US Constitution, which is why we're now facing a constitutional crisis, as well.

Zara, you can call Americans pussies if you will, but they're man's last refuge for freedom, which has been abdicated almost everywhere else, with the exception of the Swiss, and they're not allowing immigration, and probably wouldn't accept you anyway.


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