Saturday, December 7, 2013

THE “I” WORD « The Burning Platform

In attempting to provide health care for all, TPTB have only managed to re-distribute it. How's that hope and change working out for you?

In the 60's. the health insurance industry successfully lobbied USCON to give us Medicare, effectively hiding the real cost of cradle to grave care in the federal deficit. When someone paying health care premiums all their lives turned 65, now magically they're the feds responsibility. This kicked the can down the road 50 years.

Now, the health insurance industry has written the ACA, to provide universal health care, subsidized by federal spending, which politicians will use to by votes. Unfortunately for these forward thinkers, the wheels are about to come off the bus, as this redistribution of health care to those who can't pay by raising the premiums of all is about to implode. What was John Roberts thinking, when he said the fine for not buying healthcare wasn't a tax. THE FREAKIN IRS IS COLLECTING IT!!! Because without the fine, no one would buy it. Oh, and corporations are people, too. What do you want on your tombstone? Talk about useful idiots, well, it was GWB who put him there.

The ACA is the noose tightened on the necks of the American people, who above all want their freedom. Will civil disobedience turn into civil unrest? The impact of the internet and the availability of the world's knowledge at one's fingertips, literally in one's hand, can bring about the social change that any reasonable individual would desire. It is convulsing those that would seek to limit it for their own nefarious purpose. At this point, it's only a race to see which arrives first, freedom or tyranny.

THE “I” WORD « The Burning Platform:

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