Sunday, March 23, 2014

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anon, are you brain dead. Obummer doesn’t control anything, nor has any POTUS beginning with Reagan.

LBJ, now there’s a POTUS who was in control. Just ask Jackie.

I read something recently that discussed how Reagan didn’t want Bush as a running mate, but it was decided for him, so the feds would have an inside man in the WH.

Look at who Bush II had in his administration, same deal. Clinton had Hillary. If Gore had won, we would have had HillaryCare a decade sooner.

It’s unconscionable the way this country is being run. Even they know the ship is going down, what is not known is how deep. How bad is it going to be, and who is going to be in control. Whether we become a police state, or one of individual freedom.

Obummer has pulled out all the stops in the media campaign for the ACA, has already conceded the mid-terms, and is fighting for the survival of his next two years in office.

The repubs will allow things to descend into chaos, but only to a certain extent, so the pieces aren’t too hard to pick up in 2016.

Above all, the only thing either side cares about is being in control. The 4th branch of government, the federal bureaucracy doesn’t care who’s in control as long as their budgets increase at least as much as the real rate of inflation.

LL mentioned we have 3 years of Obummer to reach $20T in debt, and the destruction of our health care system. I wonder if he and AWD thing the repubs are the answer.

I vote repub, and I supported Ron Paul. The tea party has the answers, but spending and cut taxes to allow private business to invest. Americans don’t want that kind of change, so we get a welfare state. It will fail, so the question remains what takes it’s place. I say kick out the career pols and crats. I see it in state government, and I know it exists in the federal.

Geopolitics is at a stalemate over Iran, which can continue for decades. Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine could easily ignite a hot war in the middle east, and once that starts, there’s no telling where it will end.

I think peace starts by recognizing the failure of the state, by abdicating it’s fiscal responsibility. Kick out the bankers at the fed, and let’s begin by restoring our own house.

RED « The Burning Platform:

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