Sunday, March 9, 2014

THE FACE OF TYRANNY « The Burning Platform

Since it's come up, and with the information made freely available on the Internet, there are a couple of points to make. First of all, don't you know the cold warriors are having viagra hard ons that have lasted more than 8 hours. Secondly, it's painfully obvious to anyone who's been paying attention that the US and the EU didn't like the direction the democratically elected government was taking with respect to Putin government, and pulled out all the stops to reverse direction.

The Russian minority in the Western Ukraine want a government aligned with Russia, the Ukraine majority in eastern Ukraine want a government aligned with the EU, and both Russia and the EU simply want to control the flow of gas through the Ukraine.

If there has ever been a perfect time in history to form a geographical boundary between cultural disparate populations, and allow each the autonomy to control their own political and economic destiny, this is it. Neither the US and EU, nor Russia dare mention dividing the country, since it's easier to control with one political system. Hence, too, the push for one world government, one which would hand over control of the entire world's resources to the one worlders as spoil, at least that which isn't controlled by them already, and it takes an ever burgeoning bureaucracy to manage such things, as witnessed in the EU.

Which makes it all the more critical for the Ukrainians to fight for their independence from Russia and the West. Maybe the banksters will loan them the money to fight against future revenues driven by pipelines passing through their country. Isn't that how we got here?

The silver lining may be there aren't any muslim extremists in their country, yet, threatening to blow everything up. If they're smart, after kicking out the Russians and the West, they'll keep the rag heads out. If they do that, nobodies going to want to take them on anyway.

We are at a crossroad of human civilization, and this is but one of the many battles that will be played out as freedom faces tyranny. It's thrilling to be alive and to be a witness to the spectacle of the most powerful entities on the planet exposing their hand, which would not be possible without the freedom of information which the Internet provides. I don't know the Ukrainian people, but they seem to be as modern as anyone in Russia, and they've come a long way since the break up of the Soviet Union.

Maybe someday the same can be said of the West after the collapse of the almighty dollar.

THE FACE OF TYRANNY « The Burning Platform:

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