Again, Syria is a proxy war. The real prize is Iran, which Russia will never cede. Terror isn't going anywhere as long as it's profitable for the obvious and anecdotal reasons outlined in the article.
The other war unfolding before our eyes is the migrant invasion of Europe. Islam is the spear point of this invasion, but it is Israel and the US which wield the spear.
Again, it is all about control. Europe has fallen. A war with Russia is unnecessary. Perpetual tension will continue as long as it's profitable, and when the debt bomb goes off, the same forces which subjugate Europe will turn towards the US. We'll be waiting.

This was the hand dealt to Trump. Just as the Trump and Brexit votes were popular uprisings and cast doubt upon the electorates willingness to blindly and unequivocally accept the dictates of the elite, I still firmly assert that Trump threw a wrench into the neocon position of fighting Russia in Syria. One does not simply launch 59 cruise missiles upon an empty airfield and have it return to operation the next day. Either we're not getting the whole story, and the US just took out the entire Syrian air force in preparation for a ground invasion, or Trump just gave the deep state the middle finger. The next few weeks and months should tell.