Thursday, May 11, 2017

America's Top Scientists Confirm: U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia

The American people, unfortunately, have been propagandized into accepting perpetual war, the war on terror. It couldn't have been dreamed up better in a 5th Avenue ad agency. The real enemy are the globalists, and when you start following the tread, and peeling back the onion, it is Satan and the Devil.

Unless you know your enemy, you will be unprepared. When you know your enemy, then things become clear. For instance, Talmudic Judaism is more evil than Islam. We are seeing history repeat itself with Muslims becoming the Jews of 19th and 20th Europe as unwelcome migrants. Another instance, Zionists are responsible for the Muslim mass migration into Europe, as they intend to rule Europe. Liberals are able to reconcile their stated goals of tolerance and diversity with the intolerant views of Islam, because Liberals hate God Almighty, and are too arrogant to accept the truth of his word. The bright line being drawn is whether you love God and accept the truth of his word. Every person has to make up their own mind with the battle being won or lost between one's own two ears.

Love God and his word, or hate God and accept the wisdom of the world. It's just that simple. Nothing in the world makes sense unless it is viewed through the prism of truth of God's Word. Then all makes sense, and it is the wise of this world who are the fools. We, who believe, wait patiently for the return of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and will not be fooled into believing the lies of this world. Lies which, evidenced by their fruit, lead to death and destruction.

America's Top Scientists Confirm: U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia:

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