Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One has to admit that GWB set the bar pretty low with regard to leadership. He looked like a billion dollars standing around in his winter long coats, looking for all the world like the Michelin man with a bad case of hemroids. 9/11 was the neocon call to arms, with no rational explanation except it was a false flag event orchestrated by the shadow government, and American liberty has been steadily eroded by both the Bush and Obama administrations, in fact, one would be hard pressed to tell the difference. I suspect that will be the case whoever wins the next election, Obamney or Rombama.

GWB caved on Iraq and TARP. America should have know better than to trust a man who doesn’t drink and whose father lied to the American people when he said, “No new taxes”.

The Devil is ramping up the attack with drought conditions over much of the US, and the threat of power outages in California due to the heat wave.

To blame Obama, or criticize his leadership is out of ignorance of the true cause of the crises, a concerted effort by the god of this world to steal, kill and destroy, aided by his unwitting dupes in the federal bureaucracy and global financial elite. All of whom have conspired to destroy the beacon of freedom which this country formerly represented.

The current exponential rise began with Reagan, and accelerated under GWB. Obama is just riding the rocket, because he doesn’t have any choice. Neither will Romney be able to do anything to arrest a situation out of control. Paul is still the best and only answer to the problem of deficit spending. Barring getting rid of the fed and passing a balanced budget amendment, we’ll only continue a slow decline into oblivion and totalitarian police state, if we aren’t destroyed by global war or financial collapse first.

PC, I can only tell you Bush cratered on Iraq and TARP, as well as the Patriot Act, etc. I’ve heard this quote attibuted to GWB, “Stop waving the constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”. That my friend, makes him a terrorist and enemy of the state.

"Sorry, this man was not riding the rocket. He has deliberately destroyed this country in his thirst for more power." What??? In the first place, he’s already ostensibly the most powerful man on the face of the earth. I’m not sure what that makes the individuals who put him there, his handlers? In the second, more power? For whom? Again, his handlers? Yeah, and aren’t they the same as Romney’s?

If it were a conspiracy of men, then droughts, brown outs, tsunamis rendering neglected nuclear waste potentially extinction events, etc., which are outside of man’s control, would be otherwise just another conspiracy theory, which, when proven, is no longer a theory. Yet, leading up to Y2K, natural and man-made disasters have coincided to magnify the damage. Now, we have another drought. Coincidence? Granted, that is the whole point of risk management, when you ignore it, it bites you. So, while there may be a perfectly natural explanation, I prefer the spiritual aspect. I suspect, too, that is neither illuminating nor enlightening enough for you. God can’t be proven scientifically, however, it is he who set the universe in motion. Although, I will leave you with this thought, spiritual law supersedes natural law.

And let the redeemed say, "Amen".


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