Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TEXAS GOP REVOLT « The Burning Platform

If voting for the lesser of two evils is the choice in this November election, which is the lesser, Socialism, which hasn't worked anywhere it's been tried, or ruthless Capitalism, which has successfully exploited every known resource everywhere it's been tried.

Do both lead to a totalitarian dictatorship? We seem to have been moving in that direction under both GWB and Obama. Which is the lesser of two evils, indeed. It would appear we're voting for the same evil in either case. The manner in which Romney has run his primary election, ruthless and calculating, disqualifies him, in my opinion, to be POTUS.

In this case, the lesser of two evils is the most incompetent, which would be Bama. At least with Obama, we know what we're getting, the destruction of the dollar by QE. Romney would perform much the same actions, but he would also lead the emergence of the NWO. I'm not sure who would in democrat land, some sort of power sharing arrangement.

Everything we've been told by the feds is a lie, namely to secure their own pitiful little pensions, their "way of life", if you will. What has $16T of debt and $200T of unfunded entitlements gotten us besides the destruction of the republic and enslavement to the central banks? We're going to find out. Somehow, the grip of the central banks on the sovereignty of nations must be broken. Taking back the printing press and paying off the banks in diluted dollars is the only solution I see. Who gave them the right to charge us for the use of our money? Certainly not the US Constitution! It's only a shame that legality is only relative, if the rules can be changed by those in power to stay in power, as demonstrated by the GOP primary elections and national convention.

TEXAS GOP REVOLT « The Burning Platform

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