Friday, August 17, 2012

HOW TO DEFEAT TYRANNY « The Burning Platform

Anyone who thinks the US honors it's own treaties need only look to the American Indian. This US has broken every treaty it has ever made with the Indians, except the last one, and is now in the process of treating it's own citizens in the same manner.

Totalitarian authority is absolute, and there is no room for the rule of law. Occupy Wall Street is a good example of what the US will look like in a few years, against billions of rounds of ammunition and urban armored vehicles. The resolve of the American people will remain resolute, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

The tyranny of the crown has been replaced by the twentieth century nation state, where the means of production are controlled by a few and ruled by an oligarchy. Now that the last of the minerals rights on the earth have been divided, it is time to focus on population control, and derive an optimum sustainable level. The only nagging element in the equation is those pesky humans. Why shouldn't the resources of the world be controlled by a few, for their enjoyment and amusement? Just ask the British royal family, they certainly belong to the global cabal. One might be surprised by the answer.

HOW TO DEFEAT TYRANNY « The Burning Platform

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