Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Billy's like a tree hugger who drives around in his Subaru/Prius/Tesla telling everyone else carbon fuels are useless.

Flash, why a Kindle? It's a locked version of Android. Why not a Nexus? Then you can get the Kindle app, including one for the Chrome browser, and it keeps everything in sync, including the furthest page read. I've been reading some survivalist lit including Lucifer's Hammer, an oldie, but goodie. Also some Archer Garrett, Matthew Bracken, Max Velocity, gotta love free downloads. Then I don't mind spending a few dollars to catch the rest in a series.

Luckily for RE, there's enough coffee shops around, that in TEOTWAWKI, some of them will surely survive.

I've added HAM radio to my preps. Currently 2m and may expand to HF. Building a go box with switchable power, etc. I want to be able to at least monitor UHF/HF communication. EMP's, solar flares, etc. are a concern, and I may put some redundant electronics in a faraday box, including USB drives, etc.

The most likely scenario requires economic survival, i.e. maintaining an income to pay the bills while the US reverts to the mean, and hopefully wakes up from the dystopian nightmare of socialist neo-feudalism. Not very likely, so individual preps take on that much more importance.

Geek Resilience « The Burning Platform:

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