Thursday, November 14, 2013


Anyone care to forecast for 12 months? Last Jan 1st was the sequester, long term unemployment cuts, and the expiration of the Bush II tax cuts.

This year it was going to be the ACA employer mandate, but that was too risky in an election season so it was postponed, but there’s still the individual mandate.

The numbers I keep seeing for borrowing don’t add up to the deficit numbers. 3 years ago 11 0f 50 states were technically bankrupt with an aggregate $280B budget deficit which must be closed. Did they magically turn the corner on their budgets?

This year’s circus will be soley focused on the November mid terms, with all eyes on every last seat. TE forecast 50% incumbent wins, Sensetti forecast 98%. It really depends on the stock market. TPTB know how to rock the vote. Even then, they can’t materialize wealth out of thin air while they continue the pillage of the US Treasury. The end game being rentier interest payments in perpetuity, for money they literally printed.

I still say abolish the Fed, print $16T and pay off the debt and establish a balanced budget amendment. This doesn’t address over $200T in unfunded federal obligations, so, re-negotiate them. We’ll be whole within 10 years with limitless prosperity on the horizon once the feds are out of the way. Otherwise, we’re looking at totalitarian dictatorship.

It’s hard to forecast the next 12 months, but for sure we’ll be in a worse place, notwithstanding QE to infinity. They’ll keep printing through 2016 and beyond, because they don’t have any choice. The rest of the world may stop taking dollars, which makes the fight for control of the middle east that much more important, and as soon as you factor in the geo politics of energy, the world becomes a scarier place. We may even have to start pumping our own oil out of the ground.

How does this play out for the global elite? Fine as long as the US is hamstrung by debt, which brings me back to my original suggestion, abolish the fed, pay off the debt, and re-negotiate unfunded obligations, which means basically all retirees will be on SS and Medicaid, which, is, as it should be.

Clear for now.

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