Saturday, November 16, 2013


When it all goes to stew, everyone will be impacted. It shouldn't feel good.

I'm high enough on the food chain to realize civil unrest will destabilize our society should status quo fail. I'm in favor of reform versus failure.

While it may come to failure, I haven't neglected preparing for the worst. I could have prepared better for the latter.

I would like to see a better future for my children. The boomer crisis will have played out within the next 5 - 10 years, not 20. The GFC, the administration's subsequent erroneous response (GB II), and the current administration's response to bailing out wall street by helping themselves to the public till, has hastened the inevitable. Whether we have decades of stagnant growth remains to be seen.

When people aren't working, there's only so long before the burden can be carried no longer by the working poor. The FSA will be the first to revolt, then those who have benefited the most from profligate public spending will pull the rip cord, and it will be up to those of us who remain to clean up the mess.

The status quo would prefer to install a police state, and are working hard to that end. Given the success rate of government programs to date, I don't give them much chance of success, even if they declare war on the American people, which historically would appear to be the only thing they're good at. We're not native American Indians with no education or training, or ME camel jockeys. With the exception of the FSA, most of us excel beyond that of our peers and the typical government drone.

They don't even have enough sense to get out of the way, which is the only thing they really need to do. It will happen, but by what impetus remains to be seen, even if it means TEOTWAWKI.

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