Sunday, January 5, 2014

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The only insurance provider which came online on time with no problems was single payer medicare. Single payer was what the ultra liberals wanted all along. While most of us would like to see ACA fail and repealed, the left wingers want it to fail, so they can replace it with a single payer system.

I took a glance at HR 676, and wikipedia has this, "Under a single-payer system, all medical care would be paid for by the Government of the United States, ending the need for private health insurance and premiums, and probably recasting private insurance companies as providing purely supplemental coverage, to be used when non-essential care is sought."

It would be a good idea, if universal care was possible, or desirable. If it's just another entitlement for votes trade off, that train left the station with the deficit. While I'm not opposed to making health care available, socialized anything, including health care, has been proven not to work. There are no free lunches. While the government might think so, given their own existence is a free lunch, they would be wrong.

When push comes to shove, they may very well attempt to shove a police state down our throats. What they're failing to calculate is the American people don't need them, well, not all American people, just some, and those will be the first causalities when social order breaks down.  The government can have their leaches, and good riddance. This is what we're seeing in the ACA, the culmination of the FSA getting FS, and no one wants to pay for it, as if anyone can afford it.

It would be comical, if health care wasn't so critical. Everyone makes choices, the FSA and libtards made theirs. In that respect, it is quite a spectacle. It should be quite interesting how the status quotiers spin this unmitigated disaster with national elections coming up in November 2014. There is no doubt no action will be taken before then, except by POTUS directive, which itself is unconstitutional. There is always the blame game to play, but the likely scenario is we are seeing the front end of a poorer quality of care for most, and a further erosion of the middle class, who are unable to pay exorbitant health costs, which were hidden in the national deficit with Medicare in the sixties, when the can was kicked down the road, and here we are. Health insurance companies won then, and if there's any justice, maybe something like HR 676 will shut them down, I'm just not counting on it. If you think Wall Street are a bunch of pariahs, you haven't seen anything until the health care industry gets a hold of you. Say good bye to your life saving.

I agree with the sentiment expressed here by some, my health care treatment plan is don't get sick, and get preventative care.

JUST A COUPLE SNAGS « The Burning Platform:

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